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Summer and autumn
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Summer 2021

We have already started planning our next Summer School, and would very much like to welcome you to Kristiansand in 2021. However, note that only one of the summer courses, ST-420 "Current issues in the European Union" will be held this summer (June 2021). Please also note that it`s possible to sign up for the web-based course ST-421 "Research Essay" Autumn 2021. 

Although the process of European integration has faced many crises throughout its history, the European Union (EU) still continues to call the tune in the global political economy. It is clearly not a superpower, but it certainly ranks as one of the most important actors on the global stage. The EU not only affects the lives of more than 500 million inhabitants living within its territory, but it also has a significant impact on millions of people living outside of its borders. Drawing on sound methodological and interdisciplinary approaches, the European Integration Summer School (EISS) will allow you to:

  • deepen your knowledge on a wide range of issues pertaining to European integration
  • add an international dimension to your specific field of training (e.g. in law, public administration or economics)
  • engage with top scholars and experts in a very personal way

If you aspire for a career in business or public administration and will be exposed to Europe and the European Union, then you are most certainly going to benefit from our Summer School.

What will you gain?

Our summer school is like “a study year abroad, but in a summer” as it will allow you to immerse yourself inside an international group of high calibre students in one of the most beautiful parts of Norway for up to seven weeks. The region of Sørlandet is well known for its warm climate – yes, you can go for a swim in the sea! – and for offering a wide range of social and sportive opportunities during the summer (weekends). The summer school has received national and international recognition as being a place that provides an exceptional learning environment for its students. Students will have the opportunity to engage with top scholars and experts in a very personal way. EISS is especially valuable for those students who are eager to acquire a specialization EU studies or who are about to get started for their MA thesis, eager for some supplementary expert consultation and advise by our professors.

The courses

Each course carries 10 ECTS:

  • History, Institutions and Policies of European Integration ST-419 (summer)
  • Current Issues in the European Union ST-420 (summer 2020: The European Union in Crisis: Differentiation or Disintegration)
  • EU Studies: Research Essay ST-421 (fall)

You may take only one, two or all three of the courses above. But be aware that a precondition for taking ST-421 is minimum one of the following courses: ST-419 and ST-420.

Recommended previous courses

Knowledge of EU politics at an introductory level is recommended (e.g. ST-202) or, alternatively, use of John McCormick, Understanding the European Union. A Concise Introduction (London and Basingstoke: Palgrave 2014) and Michele Cini & Nieves Peréz-Solórzano Borragán (eds), European Union Politics (Oxford: Oxford University Press 2013) for thorough preparation prior to the courses.

Admission requirements

You need to have completed a bachelors degree, or equivalent, of 180 ECTS within the social sciences in order to be qualified. Examples of relevant fields are political science, sociology, international relations, public administration, business administration etc. 

The summer school is also open for exchange students from our partner universities. As an exchange student, you can apply for admission through your home university. For further details see information regarding summer school for exchange students.


The monthly rate for student housing is app. 120 NOK per day including cleaning. We kindly ask all applicants to apply for accommodation after they have been accepted to the programme.

Student housing is provided by the Student Welfare Association (SIA). High standard single room accommodation with shared  kitchen is provided within walking distance of study locations (Kaserneveien 10/18).

Apply for accommodation here

When you have been assigned accommodation a contract will be sent to My Page. You must print and sign the contract, then upload it to My Page at https://www.sia.no/en/Housing

The price includes internet. All students need to bring their own duvet, pillow and bed sheet, as well as kitchenware.  

Do you have any questions please send an e-mail to sia@sia.no


EISS does not charge tuition; there is only a registration or semester fee of 760 NOK (app. 81 EUR). Unfortunately, we do not offer any kind of scholarship, please contact your own institution for further information regarding this issue.


Application deadline

1 March

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