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Yashoda Karki

Yashoda Karki
The Lifeworld of Nepalese Teachers
Faculty of Humanities and Education
Monday 12 December 2016

Translating life histories of Nepalese teacher

The study of Nepalese teachers life histories is done by PhD student Helen Eikeland, at UiA.

 She has lived and worked many years in Nepal and can speak the language fluently, however she has needed help to write some of the life histories that she translated to English text, based on audio taped interviews, back into Nepali script, so that some of the informants can read and collaborate on the texts in their own written language. I am currently doing my Masters in Financial Economics at UiA and have done the translation work for Helen in my spare time. I have also participated in phone convirsations with informants of the project in Nepal to clear up any textual mistakes or content that the informant wants to elaborate on. The work has given me a chance to see how interviews have been conducted, in particular how life stories have through collaboration and other documentation on contextual factors, been made into life histories of teachers. This has been particularly interesting given the cultural differences and the need to understand a story within a culture and political context.