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Students in research projects

Tuesday 15 December 2020

My experience as a student research assistant on estimating human poses

This autumn, I have been working with Associate Professor Lei Jiao on a project concerning anonymization in videos for the local law enforcement. However, Lei tasked me with a subtask; I was to estimate human poses using deep learning. A project like this has been enriching as it provides excellent experience in how machine learning is applied in the real world.

Tuesday 11 February 2020

How do you write a book on Experimentalist Governance? What I learned about academic work from being a Student Research Assistant

Being a part of the book project was a great chance to learn more about a topic I was already interested, European Territorial Cooperation, but also gave me a look into the acdemic world and how scholars work. All in all, it was a great experience, where I could bring in my own ideas, but also get feedback on the tasks I was doing. 

Tuesday 10 December 2019


This project is about assessing the impact of a new regulation which require auditors to disclose those matters that, in the auditor’s professional judgement, were of most significance in the audit of the financial statements. The new regulation came into force in 2016, thus the project evaluated the issues relating to audit before and after the new rules.

Monday 18 March 2019

Strategy making in EU foreign policy

I have this spring been working as a research assistant on a project concerning strategy-making in EU foreign policy. EU is currently drafting their new strategy towards Central Asia, and this project has therefore looked at how the different EU institutions and member states have been involved in this process. The project focuses on agenda-setting and coordination. 

Monday 17 December 2018

Analysis of user requirements with use of artificial intelligence in healthcare services for adolescents

"I have no doubts that the work being done is both important and necessary for an eve-changing industry"

Thursday 13 December 2018

The attitudes, potentials, and limitations of highly-skilled migrants

With its high salaries and proximity to Europe, southern Norway will continue to attract highly-skilled migrants so it is vital to understand their skills and experiences.

Monday 10 December 2018


Our role in this study was to d o a literature search for cases where regional disintegration has occured in Regional Organisiations like the European Union, the African Union, MERCOSUR, the Arab League, the Andean Community, and others.

Monday 10 December 2018

Finite Element Analysis of an Electric powertrain for Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis Applications

The project was carried out summer of 2018, as part of an ongoing PhD research project on condition monitoring and fault diagnosis applications. The tasks involved building a realistic model in Comsol to later utilize in different FEM simulations.

Friday 07 December 2018

Speaking with one voice at last? The making of the EU’s strategy vis-à-vis Central Asia

A research project about EU drafting their new strategy towards Central Asia.

Friday 07 December 2018

Performance analysis for Tsetlin Machine

Organizing and reviewing the analysis of the Tsetlin Machine. The analysis covers the convergence of the Tsetlin machine for the three most fundamental digital operations, "one bit" operation, "AND/OR" operation, and "XOR" operation.

Tuesday 04 December 2018

Liner shipping connectivity and its impact on bilateral trade flow of South Africa

This research project centered around the concept of linear shipping connectivity, and its impact on maritime bilateral trade among nations. The assistance provided in this project consisted of downloading, organization and structuring of data.

Tuesday 30 October 2018

Investigating new algorithms in "Learning Automaton" at Carleton University

This autumn I went to Carleton University in Canada to investigate and bring back some exiting newly evolved algorithms in "Learning Automaton" to our university. These techniques are powerful and much better than other solutions in this research field, and can be applied to problems of databases, health care and mobile radio communications. 

Wednesday 03 January 2018

The Role of the ECOWAS Commission in Regional Integration

There is a research gap around the Regional Economic Communities in Africa, despite these having achieved a range of policy objectives.

Thursday 21 December 2017

Learning the hard way

Spotting and cataloging subject-predicator concord errors is not a hard thing to do for anyone with a good grasp of English, and having a background in linguistics makes it even easier. It is however time consuming, and the take away from this project was mostly about managing time for me. As someone who will soon be writing a master's thesis, it was however inspirational - several possible angles for a project of my own were discovered during my work with the student texts.

Monday 18 December 2017

The SMR video project

In recent years, with more and more extreme weather and a new world picture it is becoming more and more clear that cities need to adapt to a new level of threat, ether its natural or man-made catastrophes. The SMR project aims to be a portal for such events, and we were fortunate enough to makes some videos for them.

Friday 15 December 2017

What is the structure of the housing market in the Norwegian cities? 

This is the pivotal question of the project on which I was working as the research assistant under the supervision of Prof. Theisen. We were analyzing the structure of the housing market with an attempt to identify - which factors affect the distribution of housing according to different types (detached houses, townhouses, flats)?

Friday 15 December 2017


Jeg har høsten 2017 vært så heldig å få være med i forskningsprosjektet til Heidi Omdal ved Universitetet i Agder; «Foreldrenettverk når barn unngår å snakke».

Det å få være med i dette nettverket har gitt meg en mye større forståelse for diagnosen selektiv mutisme (SM) enn hva jeg kunne fått ved bare å lese teori. Det å møte hvert unike barn, foreldre og søsken, samt en del skole- og barnehagemiljø rundt barna har vært berikende og interessant. Det har synliggjort den komplekse problematikken rundt de mange utfordringene SM innebærer. Dette prosjektet har også gitt meg et lite innblikk i en forskers arbeidsmetoder.

Friday 15 December 2017

World Learning Summit, 2017 - Smart Universities

The World Learning Summit, 2017 is all about the future of smart universities, our response as learners and custodian of education, a platform that technology provides to the educational institutions and businesses which assist them to collaborate with each other towards a sustainable future of learning and growth.