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Systems engineering is the art and science to create man-made systems that meet predefined needs. The systems are created using system descriptions which we call models. We use different kinds of models that finally describe the systems completely. We work with the following topics.

  • Model-driven development
  • Hardware-software co-design
  • Stochastic modelling and decision support
  • Metamodelling
  • Domain-specific languages
  • UML and SysML
  • Information modelling
  • Knowledge representation
  • Database modelling
  • Programming languages

We teach the following courses:

ING101, IKT101, IKT102, IKT103, IKT105, IKT202, IKT203, IKT205, IKT212, IKT300DAT215, DAT304, MA-180, MA-223, MA-224, ORG453IKT440, IKT441, IKT442, IKT446, IKT445, IKT433, MAS416, IKT590.