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  • Mechanical properties and durability of materials for construction and building
  • Material innovations – new materials, and new applications of well-known materials
  • Methods and measures for increased use of local materials in roads and other constructions
  • Life Cycle Assessment - Environmental footprint
  • Digital tools in construction and building
  • Circular economy – reuse and byproducts/waste as feedstock for construction
  • Condition monitoring

Selected projects


  • Transition from natural to crushed aggregate; impacts on pumped concrete;
    Public funding: NFR Industrial-PhD; Partners: Ribe Betong
  • Hybrid concrete elements;
    Public funding: Norsk katapult Future Materials; Partners: Glasopor, Morken Betong
  • ReConC – Recirculated aggregate from concrete sludge with CO2-binding properties;
    Public funding: NFR 309959; Partners: MAPEI, Ølen Betong, Norcem, Velde betong, Agder fylkeskommune, Schwenk Norge, SINTEF
  • VALSiGS - Improved Sustainability for Concrete through Silica Green Stone Valorization;
    Public funding: NFR 309641; Partners: Eramet Norway, Aaltvedt betong, Block Berge Bygg, SINTEF Industri, SINTEF Helgeland
  • Pilotvei Agder;
    Public funding: Agder fylkeskommune; Partners: Agder fk, Norcem, Flatland, Borregaard, Sparks, TT Anlegg, Ølen Betong, SINTEF, MSS, Velde, Crusher, Mapei, Frustøl, Per Try, Presis Vegdrift og Eramet.
  • Partickle packing and low carbon concrete;
    Public funding: NFR 277973; Partners: Ribe betong
  • MEERC – More Efficient and Environmentally friendly Road Construction;
    Public funding: NFR 273700 og Sørlandets kompetansefond; Partners: Nye Veier, NTNU, NIVA, SINTEF Byggforsk
  • Strategies and solutions for including life cycle emissions in planning Norwegian road infrastructure;
    Public funding: Statens Vegvesen (PhD-finansiering)
  • ResGram – Development of recirculated aggregates from excavation materials;
    Public funding: NFR 256506/O20; Partners: Velde Industri, SVV Vegdirektoratet, Kristiansand Cementstøperi, SINTEF Byggforsk
  • New applications of UHPC;
    Public funding: NFR BIA 245645/O30; Partners: Dr techn Olav Olsen, Elkem, Kværner, Interform, Norcem, Sika Norge, Subhydro, Unicon, Veidekke Entreprenør, UiS, SINTEF

Selected publications

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