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Battery Education

The battery group is establishing the battery education at UiA with special focus on electrochemistry, from basic thermodynamics of materials to the details of state-of-the-art battery simulation models, from battery cell investigations in the laboratory to advanced data analysis techniques on commercial battery datasets. In UiA's battery education detailed knowledge of the theoretical basics will always be accompanied with laboratory/hands-on courses that allow students to gain first-hand experience in the field.

Battery Research

In application-oriented research projects we focus on six major aspects of the battery life-cycle:

  1. Material characterization and electrochemical analyses in laboratory scale battery cells,
  2. Commercial cell format investigations and use-case specific design optimization,
  3. Strengthening the predictive power of battery simulations,
  4. Battery management and control in applied systems and second use,
  5. Automated battery disassembly for recycling, and
  6. Analysis of sustainable business models and regulative restrictions for the battery industry.

Battery Projects

Our currently running battery related projects are summarized at battery-coast.uia.no. An expert overview of activities around automated disassembly of battery packs and systems can be found at the Battery Recycling group.

Battery technology education