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Agder Digital Learning Arena (ADILA) is a multidisciplinary research project at the University of Agder.

Key terms for the project are:

  • Future Education
  • eLearning
  • Mobile Learning
  • Digital Assessment
  • Innovation in Learning


ADILA research focus is on "Innovation in Learning through Digital Media". The project comprises of 4 work packages (WP):

WP1: Innovations in teaching and learning using digital assessments

WP2: Innovations in mathematics learning: Using visualisations in mathematics education

WP4: Collaborative learning through digital media and transformation of education and learning

WP4: Interaction design of digital learning systems: Teachers´motivation in teaching with ICT tools

Members in the group

Associate members

Roger Säljö, Professor II and Project Leader

Leader of the group

Ghislain Maurice Norbert Isabwe

+47 37233782

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