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  • Innovation, professional and service development
  • ocial work for children and young people / child welfare
  • Social work for adults / substance abuse and mental health
  • Services and practice for gender minority groups 
  • Exclusion and marginalization
  • Framework conditions for professional practice

The research group is an arena for researchers who are concerned with methodological, theoretical and practical issues related to welfare and welfare services. The welfare state's services are comprehensive and cover a wide range of measures aimed at different user groups within health, care, welfare and education. In this research group, it is especially welfare services within social work, child welfare, substance abuse/ mental health and NAV that are in focus, although other welfare services may be included as well.

Framework conditions for professional practice are changing, partly due to new management models, demographic changes, digitalisation, increased user participation and expectations of knowledge-based practice. Users of the services are expected to have a greater influence than before on services design, implementation and evaluation.  At the same time, the user groups are more diverse and the need for various  services is greater than before.

Members in the group

Associate members

  • Astrid Helene Skatvedt, University of Southeast Norway
  • Vidar Bakkeli, Fafo
  • Arne Backer Grønningsæter, Fafo
  • Kim Iren Kroken, UiS
  • Trond Stalsberg Mydland, NORCE
  • Evelyn Sandøy Ottesen, UiS
  • Elisabeth Willumsen, UiS