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Centre for Integrated Emergency Management (CIEM) is a multidisciplinary research centre at the University of Agder, Norway.

The centre conducts research on how technology innovation can improve emergency preparedness and management.

Bringing together researchers within information systems, computer science and social science, the centre explores how to effectively collect and integrate information from different sources to support decision-making in different stages of an emergency.

CIEM’s aim is to contribute to societal resilience, by providing emergency stakeholders with improved technology and method support for secure and efficient operations.

CIEM focuses on global, national and local research challenges, and has extensive collaboration with public agencies, volunteer emergency responders, industry, and research groups in Norway and internationally.

CIEM is active as coordinator and partner in several research projects funded by the European Union and national funding agencies, involving research in areas such as cybersecurity, community resilience, situational awareness, social media analytics, humanitarian logistics, augmented reality and sensor technologies.

Planned projects

CIEM is engaged in project proposals on the topics of disaster management, community resilience, ICT, climate change and security. We target both European projects in Horizon Europe as well as national or regional funding.

Information on research project are available on CIEM webpage.