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The research group Childhood and Society aims to study changes in the conditions children experience, and in views of childhood and adolescence. We want to ask critical questions that contribute to understanding the circumstances that characterise the different conditions children experience.

The number of children, young people and families who meet with public services and agencies in different ways is growing. The research group is an arena for researchers who are interested in methodological, theoretical, and substantial issues related to children/young people and childhood. We want to contribute with knowledge to decision-making authorities and the field of children and youth services in a broad sense, to ensure that decisions and policies made contribute to children and young people being met and receiving the support they need. We also want to problematise and discuss the prevailing understanding of children, childhood, and parenthood from a global and multicultural perspective.

The research group's long-term goal is to strengthen research in the field of children and childhood and promote research collaboration within the department, with research groups at other faculties and universities nationally and internationally, including collaboration with practitioners in the field.