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  • Organization, management and governance in the public sector
  • Organizational culture and management
  • Change, reorganization, development and innovation in the public sector
  • Local governance, local democracy and co-creation

About The Center for Local Government Studies (SAKOM)

The Center for Local Government Studies (SAKOM) is a research center at the Department of Political Science and Management, Faculty of Social Sciences. Its main areas of research are local and regional organizations and governance.

 SAKOM operates with an engaged scholarship approach to research, which entails a close collaboration between researchers and practitioners in the co-creation and co-production of knowledge. The center has close collaborations with research partners both in local and regional levels of government. 

The Center for Local Government Studies (SAKOM) operates on the basis of three core values: quality, innovation and applicability. The centers’ main objective is to contribute to the development of relevant and applicable knowledge for stakeholders in local and regional administration and government.

More information about research projects, contributors and more can be found at the website for The Center for Local Government Studies (SAKOM)