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Digital Infrastructure for Robust and Scalable PatientMonitoring in Pandemic Response Situations (DIPAR)

About the project

The research project called "Digital Infrastructure for Robust and Scalable Patient Monitoring in Pandemic Response Situations" targets digital follow-up of patients with symptoms of infectious diseases, such as Covid-19.

It is expected that digital home monitoring may yield several types of benefits: symptomatic patients can feel safe at home, the demand for hospital admission can be reduced, and also quarantined health personnel can work remotely. The research project supports the evaluation of this service from a user perspective: through involving both patients and healthcare personnel we will suggest improvements and further development of services and solutions.

Researchers from the Centre for e-health at UiA collaborate with the local municipalities, Sørlandet hospital, the ICT-industry cluster DIGIN, I4Helse AS, Siemens Healthcare and Medsensio to explore the possibilities around digitally supported follow-up services. The aim is to use the potential of digitally supported follow-up services to be better prepared for the next pandemic.

The project support these UN sustainability goals

3. Good Health and Well-being
17. Partnership for the Goals


Granted: kr 4.519.000
Funding received from:
The Research Council of Norway
Project period 2020 - 2022

Project partners

  • Kristiansand municipality
  • Sørlandet hospital HF
  • Siemens Healthineers
  • Medsensio
  • Digin

Research group