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Arven etter Dannevig: utvikling av automatisert kystovervåking (ARVEN)

About the project

Growth in Agder's blue industries requires that we deal with the major environmental challenges facing the coast. Collapse in the coastal cod population, loss of kelp forests, increased sea temperatures and the establishment of invasive species are symptoms of a changing ocean. However, the opportunities to do something about the challenges have never been greater. The scientific communities in Agder give us unique prerequisites to become a world leader in innovative solutions for effective monitoring and restoration of life in the ocean. In the project ARVEN, the Institute of Marine Research (HI) and the University of Agder (UiA) will collaborate to create a powerhouse for the development of new camera technology for automated real-time monitoring of marine life.

ARVEN will develop new multi-camera technology and machine vision to be able to automate the work of identifying species, measuring and counting fish and shellfish underwater. The intelligent camera system will be used to establish coastal observatories East and West in Agder to monitor changes in fish stocks, as well as automate several ongoing and planned marine research activities. The project will be the beginning of a future-oriented digital system for world-class marine monitoring - in Southern Norway.
ARVEN is collaborating with the research projects and ShareVision and CoastVision.

The project support these UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
14. Life Below Water


Granted: kr 12.687.000
Funding received from:
Aust-Agder utviklings- og kompetansefond
Project period 2023 - 2026

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Project partners

Institute of Marine Research

Mechatronic Innovation Lab