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A Community-Academic Partnership Across the USA and Norway for sustainaBLE nursing education (CAPABLE)

About the project

The CAPABLE project aims to increase quality and relevance of higher education in nursing by focusing on community-based healthcare in the planned project with partners in the United States and Norway.

The CAPABLE project aims to improve learning and teaching of community-based healthcare with global perspectives, linking higher education institutions with community-based healthcare partners.

The main goals are:

  • Establish a sustainable program for student-exchange at both undergraduate and graduate level
  • Increase mobility of bachelors, masters, and PhD students between UNMC and Norway
  • Document the impact of the student-exchange on their knowledge and understanding of a variety of healthcare systems, global health issues, and the impact of community-academic partnerships
  • Facilitate students’ involvement in research- and development projects with community-based healthcare partners and community-based healthcare partners involvement in student projects
  • Enhanced PhD programs at both at DHNS UiA and College of Nursing, UNMC
  • Develop, adjust, and evaluate a joint graduate course in Global community healthcare nursing

The project activities will involve four work packages:

  • WP 1: Project management and disseminations
  • WP 2: Increasing student mobility for Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) students
  • WP 3: A Community Research Program for master students
  • WP 4: Development of a joint graduate course in Global community healthcare nursing

The project support these UN sustainability goals

4. Quality Education
9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
17. Partnership for the Goals


Granted: kr 3.000.000
Funding received from:
Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills
Project period 2022 - 2026

Contact person

Project partners

University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC)

College of Nursing, USA

Department of Health and Nursing Science (DHNS), Norway

Grimstad municipality, Norway

Center for Care Research (CCR), South, UiA, Norway

Charles Drew Community Health Center, USA

Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department, USA