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Research on sub-base materials for new county roads

Agder County Municipality and the University of Agder (UiA) are collaborating with several manufacturers on testing different foundations on county roads in Agder. They have constructed two test roads in Finsland, where they will test the different materials.

This article is more than two years old, and may contain outdated information.

Screenshot from the video in the article
UiA collaborates with Agder County to test different sub-base materials for more sustainable road solutions (Illustration: Screenshot from video at the bottom of the page)

“We will test different materials that can provide a better foundation for gravel and asphalt. We will monitor them over several years to see how well they serve the purpose”, says Even Askildsen from the Department of Engineering Sciences at the University of Agder.

In the project, companies have been given 100 metres each of a test road in Finsland. Each company has its own solution. Together with Agder County and the companies, researchers and students at UiA will test the various solutions over several seasons to see how they perform.

Even Askildsen frå Institutt for ingeniørvitskap på UiA

Even Askildsen from the Department of Engineering Sciences at UiA

Agder County has started a collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering and Science and the Department of Engineering Sciences at the University of Agder. Following the county merger on 1 January, Agder County is now responsible for 4,000 kilometres of road. These must be operated and maintained in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Sustainable solutions

The project was launched in January and will last 4-5 years. 13 companies and entrepreneurs from the region contribute to the project. Together, they will build a network of expertise in the maintenance and operation of roads, tunnels, bridges, cycle paths and footways.

Many companies already have new sustainable materials and solutions which they find difficult to introduce to the market. The various solutions will be tested in the project to see if some of the challenges the industry faces can be solved.

County mayor impressed

They started testing the different materials in early June. The County Mayor in Agder, Arne Thomassen, was present on 11 June when they started the process of laying the sub-base on the roads in Finsland.

“I am impressed with the scope of this testing. This is important for the county which has long stretches of gravel roads. The research project shows that Agder is in the lead”, says Thomassen.

Watch a video from the event on 11 June. The film is produced by Agder County: