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Scientific and artistic research within the field of songwriting and production.

Main research focuses

  • Traditional and modern methods of songwriting and production including the DAW environment and the studio, top-lining, and improvisation as tools and instrumental factors in the creative process
  • Songwriting and Production as research, means of communication and self-expression
  • The relationship between the songwriter, the creative process and the finished product.
  • The relationship between research, songwriting and teaching practice
  • The relationship between the voice, the musical and the lyrical material


The aim of the research group is to produce scientific and artistic works reflecting songwriting- and production practices as multimodal representations of popular music and research. Our members include professors, researchers, research fellows and master's students, each representing the various fields of songwriting and production offered as undergraduate studies and Master- and PhD- programs at the Institute for Popular Music at the University of Agder.

This research group will have an interdisciplinary approach and present research-projects at international academic conferences as well as through various forms of artistic and scientific collaborations and publications. A driving motivation for our work is to contribute to establishing grounds for intra- and interdisciplinary dialogue and develop vocabulary and descriptive terminology applicable across the more specialized fields. By methodical investigation into strategies of songwriting and production the group will suggest new theory and analytic and pedagogical approaches relevant for researchers, scholars, students and musicians.

Members in the group

Associate members

Eirik Askerøy (Associate Professor, Inland Norway University of applied sciences)

Students in the group

Master students taking the specialisation in Songwriting.

Leader of the group