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The research group engages projects such as:

  • Explores the position of the subject of art in the upper secondary school, and how it is implemented in the curricullum and in the art’s educational teaching practices
  • Researches and initiates art’s educational and art pedagogic projects in MDD that involve students, teachers and other professionals at universities and upper secondary schools
  • Explores how concepts such as deep learning, inter-disciplinary practices and performative approaches to learning can revitalize art pedagogy and art’s education in the school of the future
  • Explores educational policy discourses and the implementation of the curriculum for MDD in upper secondary school
  • Investigates how MDD subjects can promote general educational competencies and in-depth learning
  • Whishes to connect research on, with and through art’s educational- and art pedagogic practices in MDD

Relevant PhD Programmet

Members in the group

Associate members

  • Morten Stene (NTNU/HiV)
  • Victoria Husby (NTNU)
  • Mari Flønes (UiS)
  • Rikke A. Sundberg (USN)
  • Endre Volden (Ålesund VGS)
  • Kenneth Sørum Bekkemoen (Ringerike VGS)
  • Anne-Lise Aase Aamli (Sandefjord VGS)
  • Audhild Krogedal Wessman (Vågsbygd VGS)
  • Kjetil Sørborg (Vågsbygd VGS)
  • Anette Sture Iversen  (Edvard Munch VGS)
  • Anne Bjørkvik (Dahlske VGS)
  • Fredrik Johansen Bjørk  (Cissi Klein VGS)
  • SANS - Senter for dansepraksis