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The research group Modernism(s) is a broadly oriented research platform that delves into the expanded art-historical field of Modernism with transnational, global and cross-aesthetic ramifications. The unifying focus for the group is our interest in Modernism, and our scope is to challenge the canonical concepts with new perspectives and approaches. The group is unique in that it combines approaches from the field of practice, with theoretical perspectives. This gives us a unique opportunity to both study art as a historical, theoretical, and aesthetic phenomenon, as well as to examine the social and relational contexts of art. The combination of researchers from the university and from the museum field encourages several different methodological approaches.

  • How Does Contemporary Art relate to Modernism?
  • Modernism: Gender, Diversity and Queer-perspectives
  • Modernism and Interdisciplinary Practices
  • Knowledge Production about Modernism in the field of Curating
  • Modernism and Postcolonialism
  • Modernism(s) – Modernism as phenomenon, praxis, idea, and culture
  • Modernism and Critique
  • Modernism and Reception
  • Modernism and Revisionism 
  • The Narratives of Modernism 
  • Modernist Architecture
  • Modernism and Collections 
  • Modernism and the Archive


  • FLAME Feminist Legacy in the Art Museum, Universitety of Bergen and NTNU 
  • EMERG v/Charles Armstrong at the Department of Foreign Languages and Translation in the Faculty of Humanities and Education

Members in the group

Associate members

  • Hanne Cecilie Gulstad, curator SKMU
  • Trude Gomnæs Ugelstad, Artistic Director, SKMU

Students in the group

  • Markus August Sannes, master student at UiA