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The group conducts research into musical communication in an arts, practice, social and multi-disciplinary context, in which music’s potential as a powerful form of communication will be investigated.

  • How can musical communication be investigated in light of the context of which it forms a part, be these social, arts internal or arts academic contexts?
  • In recognition that the performer contributes with relevant and necessary practice-based knowledge otherwise unavailable with the traditional tools of academia – in other words that which the subjective is based on, or is affected by intuition, personal feelings, taste or opinions – we ask: How can focus on, and raising awareness of, different practice methods in the rehearsal process result in consequences for musical expression?
  • How can the relationship between “artist”, “performer”, “work” and “audience” be illuminated critically?
  • How is it possible to raise awareness and competence in relation to music’s relational character, where music is not just “conveyed” to a recipient, but works in a continually circular process involving its performers and audience?
  • How are musical metaphors, tools, technology and gestures further developed for use in teaching and in the communication of, for example, musical ideas and ideals?
  • Exactly where is the quality located in art and musical communication, and what characterises it?

This group is connected to the multi-disciplinary R&D platform, Art in Context (KIK), and includes academic and artistic research.

Research focus

The group focuses on how meanings, intentions, feelings and atmospheres can be communicated through live music, our innate musicality, and with the help of different musical, scenic and expressive means. The aim is to investigate the biological, cognitive, social, and cultural processes involved.

The group has a broad, inter-aesthetic and interdisciplinary approach to what communication actually is, and the effects that it can have on those who take part. It brings together composers, performers, musical educators, psychologists, sociologists and therapists in a broad spectrum of different competencies and target groups, where different methods and forms of documentation will be further developed and applied. This allows the candidate to investigate issues which provide new and meaningful access to performing and interpreting musical practice, and develop new pedagogical and technical approaches where music is involved. 

Reflection and critical thinking are developed through independent research work, together with the ability to carry out independent research and communication work. 



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Artistic products

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Audio and video

Rolfhamre, R. (2016). Cantigas de Santa Maria | Alfonso X (1221–1248) (EMK – EMK027) CD/online.

Rolfhamre, R., Winther Hagir, T. & Eriksen, R. (2015). Io e lei (EMK – EMK022) CD/online.

Rolfhamre, R (2014). Robot Pop (Rolfhamre Productions/Distrokid - UPC: 840090030859) online EP

Schau, J. (2016). Recording of Konrad Øhrn Works for flute Ensemble with The European Flute Ensemble (Prea Lable, Poland) CD.


Stage productions

Christensen, J. (2015). The Agder Naturmuseum Experience. [Kunstnerisk og museal presentasjon] Musikk møter museum. Studenter og lærer ved Fakultet for kunstfag/ Agder Naturmuseum; Agder Naturmuseum. 2015-10-19 - 2015-10-19.

Christensen (2014). EnEnNull - bilder fra en brannstasjon. [Kunstnerisk og museal presentasjon] Tverrfaglig forestilling med musikk og dramastudenter. 2. år faglærerstudenter i musikk og drama ved Fakultet for kunstfag; Kristiansand brannstasjon. 2014-10-23 – 2014-10-24.






Commisioned by

Durata, in minutes.

Øhrn, K. M.

10 Miniatures

flute 1-3, alto flute and bass flute.

European Flute Forum


Øhrn, K. M.

Awakening piano.

Solo piano, for Marianna Abrahamyan

Composed for the International piano competition in Lyon, France


Øhrn, K. M.

Christmas Medley.

Flute, Alto flute og Piano

Jørn Schau (UiA) and Ewa Murawska, Poznan


Øhrn, K. M.

Concerto for two flutes and string orchestra. 2 satser.

Flute, flute og strykeorkester

Norwegian Grant Project


Øhrn, K. M.

Det skjedde i de dager. 17 satser.

Kor, solister og kammerorkester

Søm Vokalensemble


Øhrn, K. M.

Draumen. 3 sanger til tekst av Halldis Moren vesaas

Solo sang og piano

Sveinung Hølmebakk and Thale Gjørstad


Øhrn, K. M.

Fem preludier.

Guitar solo

Per Kjetil Farstad for a CD


Øhrn, K. M.

Folk tune.

Solo Flute

Ewa Murawska, Poznan


Øhrn, K. M.


Contrabass og symfoniorkester

Fredrik Blikeng


Øhrn, K. M.

Menneskelandskap. 5 sanger til tekst av Olav Mosdøl

Solo sang og piano

Sveinung Hølmebakk


Øhrn, K. M.

Moods. 2 satser.

Flute og Alto flute

Jørn Schau (UiA) and Ewa Murawska, Poznan


Øhrn, K. M.

Nansen Suite. 4 satser

Suite: Flute, Violin og Piano.

Randi Eidsaa


Øhrn, K. M.

Norwegian fantasy.

To Piano, fire hender

Composed for the International piano competition at NMH, Oslo


Øhrn, K. M.

Pasjonskonsert. 10 satser.

Kor, solister og orgel

Søm Vokalensemble


Øhrn, K. M.

Pastorale Antique.

Clarinet, Cello og Piano

Feroce Trio, Poznan, for a CD


Øhrn, K. M.

Piano Concerto. 3 satser.

Piano, strings og timpani.

Mariam Kharatyan and Adam Grüchot


Øhrn, K. M.

Scherzo Polka.

Picc., flute 1-4 og alto flute

European Flute Forum, concert and CD


Øhrn, K. M.

Sommerminner. 6 satser.

Suite for Alto flute og piano.

Jørn Schau


Øhrn, K. M.

Songs of Love. 7 sanger til tekst av John Ashford

Solo sang og piano

Randi Berge Sköld


Øhrn, K. M.

The flautists are coming!.

Vignet for European flute Congress

Norwegian Grant Project


Øhrn, K. M.

The wedding in Skuldalen.

Solo piano

Marianna Abrahamyan


Øhrn, K. M.


Clarinett (Bb), Violin og Cello.

Ewa Murawska, Poznan


Øhrn, K. M.

Triosonate. 3 satser.

Flute, Cello og Piano

Ewa Murawska, Poznan


Øhrn, K. M.


Clarinet (Bb), Piano og Cello

Feroce Trio, Polen, for concert and CD


Affiliated research fellows

Doctoral students 

  • Inga Marie Nesmann (MMus; MA), 2017–2020. Title: ”Reconfiguring Dido”. (PhD), Faculty of Fine Arts. Supervisor: Robin Rolfhamre, co-supervisor: Roy Eriksen.
  • Daniel Henry Øvrebø (MMus), 2017–2020. Title: ”New music — New audience?”.  (PhD), Faculty of Fine Arts. Supervisor: Robin Rolfhamre, co-supervisor: TBA.
  • Mariam Kharatyan (MMus), 2015–2018. Title: ”Katchaturian and the importance of the context of his music” (The Norwegian Artistic Research Programme Research Fellow), Faculty of Fine Arts. Supervisor: Per Kjetil Farstad, Substitute supervisor in 2017: Robin Rolfhamre.
  • Lisa Bonnár Stjernø (PhD), 2014–2016. Title: “Musikk i barns ører”. En musikalskveiledning for småbarnsforeldre (Post Doc), Faculty of Fine Arts. Supervisor: Tony Valberg.
  • Robin Rolfhamre (MMus.), 2011–2014. Tittel: ”The popular lute: an investigation of the function and performance of music in France between 1650 and 1700”. (PhD) Faculty of Fine Arts. Supervisor: Per Kjetil Farstad and Michael Rauhut.

Research group organisers

Members in the group

Associate members

Students in the group

  • Ørjan Dahl Madsen
  • Ingrid Wesenberg Eskeland
  • Line Jørgensen

Leader of group

Robin Rolfhamre

+47 38 14 24 07

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