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SENSUS COMMUNIS is a multidisciplinary research group with members from diverse research environments (primarily philosophy, literary studies, and fine arts) working on aesthetics, art, and nature. With its emphasis on the role of the senses and imagination in human experience, aesthetics offers new perspectives and alternative ways of relating to nature, something that has become urgent in a time characterized by global warming and accelerating species extinction.

Members of the research group focus on the connection between art and nature, theories on the relationship between humans and animals, and the beauty of nature, as well as the relationship between literature and philosophy. The group scrutinizes the historical development of aesthetic thought and technology’s role as an impetus for new forms of artistic expression. In addition, points of intersection between different art forms and forms of artistic expression are also an important focus.

Members in the group

Associate members

  • Asbjørn Grønstad, professor, UiB
  • Ingrid Halland, førsteamanuensis, UiB, AHO
  • Wolfgang Hottner, førsteamanuensis, UiB
  • Arnfinn Åslund, USN
  • Hans Jacob Ohldieck, USN
  • Karl Axelsson, Södertörns högskola
  • Karl Kristian Swane Bambini, HiØ, UiA
  • Margit Ims, USN

Students in the group

  • Torunn Kveim
  • Ann Charlott B. Eriksson
  • Lena Marie Kleven