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  • Student assessment in primary education
  • Student assessment in higher education
  • Digital Assessment
  • Assessment’s relation to evaluation and operational development on the system level
  • Assessment for learning
  • Culture of assessment
  • Importance of teaching communication, school culture and local environment for school development


The impact of the European Qualification Framework on Higher education. (PhD project) Christine Watne Kristiansen

School-In - an innovation research project that explores the relationship between teaching communication, school culture and local environment. Jorunn Midtsundstad, Stefanie Andrea Hillen, Grethe Ingebrigtsvold Sæbø, Kirsten Horrigmo

Assessment for Learning (ASFORL)– a comparative preproject which is focusing on culture of assessment in Norway and US in Higher Ed (NRC). Stefanie Hillen, Inger Marie Dalehefte, Gil Gilberts

Analysis of forms of assessment at University of Agder. Stefanie A. Hillen, Inger Marie Dalehefte

Relevant PhD study programs