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  • Student assessment in primary education
  • Student assessment in higher education
  • Programme evaluation and project evaluation
  • Digital Assessment
  • Assessment’s relation to evaluation and operational development on the system level
  • Assessment for learning
  • Culture of assessment
  • Importance of teaching communication, school culture and local environment for school development


PhD projects/docent projects:

  • "The VET-teacher's work related to the subject of professional specialization" Monika Øgård
  • "How can a local modell for the subject of work-life contribute to the motivation, self-effcacy and the processing of comprehensive school with credits points? May Helen Uppstad Austad
  • “Headteacher as leader and  administrator  in a local context and culture” Jon Terje Hegghaug
  • «New forms of assessment in teacher training» Erik Yves Adalberon (finished 2021)
  • "(Digital) teaching and (digital) assessment in vocational education and training" (Docent project) Frank Egeland
  • "The impact of the European Qualification Framework on Higher education". (PhD project) Christine Watne Kristiansen (finished December 2021)

Research projects:

Corona and teaching (self-regulated) digital learning (teaching based research) Frank Egeland

Alternative forms of Civil education (Evaluation project of 14 measures in adult education) Rainer Christ & Stefanie Hillen

School-In - an innovation research project that explores the relationship between teaching communication, school culture and local environment. Jorunn Midtsundstad, Stefanie Andrea Hillen, Grethe Ingebrigtsvold Sæbø, Kirsten Horrigmo (finished 31.12.2020)

Self-regulated learing and self-assessment (Teaching based research in VET- practice study programme) Frank Egeland, Jon Terje Hegghaug, Monika Øgård, Kari-Anne Helleberg Kverneggen og Stefanie Andrea Hillen

SOL, Student Ownership of Learning- Skoleutvikling-brettspill og analysetool av resultater. Desire Baartman      

DaVinciVideo, Research and Development project. Development and production of classroom-based videos on IBL for teacher training and the development of Design Principles for such videos. Desire Baartman  

Assessment Culture Prosjekt, Inger Marie Dalehefte og Stefanie Andrea Hillen

Learning across boundaries in VET subject teaching (YFF), Kari-Anne Helleberg Kverneggen

Education to choose. Dahlske UDV. Prosjekt I regi av Senter for yrkesliv og opplæring I arbeidslivet. Kari-Anne Helleberg Kverneggen og Monika Øgård

International Bokprosjekt: Assessment as a pedagogical tool, Stefanie Andrea Hillen 

Assessment for Learning (ASFORL) -  a comparative pre-project which is focusing on culture of assessment in Norway and US in Higher Ed (NRC). Stefanie Hillen, Inger Marie Dalehefte, Gil Gilberts

Analysis of forms of assessment at University of Agder. Stefanie A. Hillen, Inger Marie Dalehefte (published in UiA beta (Assessment and feedback using digital tools at UiA – UiA Beta )

Relevant PhD study programs