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The main field of interest of the research group for religious minorities and religious diversity is majority and minority relations. These topics are explored in the thematic intersection between globalization, migration and media. The group members are conducting research on central issues such as individuation, gender constructions and integration processes, but also concerning political and legal issues such as national minorities, minority rights and identity politics.

Background and projects

In the research group, active researchers from different research projects concerning religious minorities and religious diversity meet to exchange and discuss relevant issues, empirical findings and theoretical approaches. The projects deal with religion in the public sphere, media and religion in social conflicts, Jewish identity in Norway today, minority history and educational texts, religious dialogue as political tools, migrant communities and media, individuals without religion, radicalization and violent extremism, ideology, religion and ethnic boundaries and transnational activities among young Muslims and Christians.

Members in the group

Associate members

Ann Kristin Gresaker, forsker II, KIFO Institutt for kirke-, religions- og livssynsforskning
Gwynyth Marshall Øverland, PhD, pensjonist
Hildegunn Schuff, PhD-kandidat, Ansgar teologiske høgskole
Solveig Omland, PhD-kandidat og høgskolelektor, NLA Mediehøgskolen Gimlekollen
Kjetil Grødum, forskningsleder og ass.dir Stiftelsen Arkivet
Hege Kristin Ringnes, Universitetet i Oslo
David Herbert, Kingston University
Roald Zeiffert, Høyskolen for ledelse og teologi

Students in the group

G. Birgitte Jaksholt, Masterstudent UIA
Ane Steinsland-Tønnessen, UIA
Sigrun Heimdal Blaavarp, UIA
Stig Andre Storli, UIA
Marte Andersenm UIA
Elena Saltvedt, UIA
Hanne Tharaldsen Åsmundsen, UIA