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The research group examines the relationship between regulations that govern the school and their impact on the practical of daily school life. The research group consists of members with specific competence in special education and/or the field of law. Cooperative working relationships with other research groups are in effect, both nationally and internationally.

Some important research activities are:

  • Inclusive education
  • Democracy and participation
  • Adapted education
  • School drop-out problems
  • Cross discipline cooperation
  • Competence in Special Education
  • The court’s social function
  • Professional ethics
  • Learning environment



Members in the group

Associate members

Eksterne medlemmer:

Advisory panel:

  • Professor Roger Sträng, Department of teacher education, Østfold College
  • Professor emeritus Henning Jakhelln
  • Senior advisor Elisabeth Attramadal, Aust- and Vest Agder County Commisioner
  • Assistant principal/institute leader Kristina Samsing, Jessheim high school
  • Principal/institute leader Stig Atter, Lovisenlund school
  • Project leader Espen Schønfeldt, Akershus county