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  • Experimental linguistics
  • Second language education

Link to own Website: https://ell.uia.no/

Planned projects

Current projects

  1. In a collaboration including Linda Wheeldon, Katrien Segært, Allison Wetterlin, Hilde Lohne Seiler, Sveinung Berntsen Stølevik, we have submitted a Research grant application to investigate the effects of bilingualism and fitness on language processing in healthy ageing (Fitness, Ageing and Bilingualism (FAB): The benefits of regular physical activity and bilingualism for language abilities in healthy ageing (Forskerprosjekt – FRIHUMSAM. ES617262 Project Number: 286961: 10,000,000 NOK.
  2. With our PhD student Malin Toftin Mangersnes (Linda Wheeldon and Allison Wetterlin) we are researching the effect of second language accent proficiency on spoken word production and language switching in Norwegian-English bilinguals.
  3. In a collaboration including Linda Wheeldon, Allison Wetterlin and Steven Frisson we designed Masters projects (Beatrice Zitong Urland, Bjørn Handeland, Dag Hauland) to investigate the relationship between self-rated accent proficiency and bilingual profile on objective measures of language proficiency and reading processes.
  4. In a collaboration including Linda Wheeldon, Katrien Segært, Allison Wetterlin we are designing masters projects to investigate the effects of bilingual profile on word retrieval and sentence planning. A Birmingham PhD student (Sophie Hardy) is involved in helping to develop these studies with our current Masters students (Mikael Andre Albrecht, Susanne Mollestad Avila, Lone Sunnset).xs
  5. In a collaboration with Linda Wheeldon, Allison Wetterlin and Megan Crowhurst we are investigating the effects of markedness in lexical stress patterns on the learning of lexical stress systems in a non-native language. We aim to compare speakers of English, Spanish and Norwegian.

Future projects

  1. We hope to develop a new research project in collaboration with Aditi Lahiri and Steven Frisson to investigate the role of phonological representations in first and second language English reading and speaking.

Relevant PhD-studies

Members in the group

Associate members

Fra UIA:

Hilde Lohne Seiler  (PASTA)
Sveinung Berntsen Stølevik (PASTA)


Megan Crowhurst, University of Texas at Austin

Steven Frisson, University of Birmingham 

Sophie Hardy

Agnieszka Konopka, University of Aberdeen

Aditi Lahiri CBE FBA MAE, University of Oxford

Katrien Segaert, University of Birmingham