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The field of ethics is extremely important in today's diverse, global and technological society. As we are constantly encountering new moral challenges, research on the principles of ethics is essential. The ethics research group wishes to contribute to both academic and public debate. 
Our multidisciplinary research group covers many key areas in the field of ethics. Its members are researching professional ethics, climate ethics, medical ethics, moral psychology, political ethics, meta-ethics, and the relationship between morality and technology. The group members also participate in international and multidisciplinary research projects on various ethics-related topics.


Members of the research group have published a large number of articles, several in international publications. We are also interested in communicating knowledge of our research and contributing to public debate. Several of the group members are conducting joint research on ethics with respect to artificial intelligence, in cooperation with CAIR (Artificial Intelligence Research Centre) at the University of Agder.
One of our members, Odin Lysaker, is participating in the project WAIT, (Waiting for an Uncertain Future: The Temporalities of Irregular Migration), which is financed by the Research Council of Norway's programme, SAMKUL (Programme on the Cultural Conditions Underlying Social Change). The head of the programme is Christine M. Jacobsen at the University of Bergen.

Members in the group

Associate members

Students in the group

  • Hanne Sophie Lien (skriver MA-oppgave om sinne og forsoning)
  • Rolf Bjarne Larsen
  • Sondre Rosseland
  • Haakon Sandik
  • Kine Hjeldnes
  • Daniels Fauske Bygstad
  • Ole Markus Nordhagen
  • Konstanse Åkerman
  • Kristine Norevik O'Neill
  • Andre Sundbø Olsen.