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The research group is organisationally affiliated with the Institute for Nordic and Media Studies at the University of Agder. It also provides a forum for researchers in other academic environments at faculties and universities who have an interest in literature aimed at young readers. We are also in contact with other children's literature researchers through various projects.  

The research group was established in 2015, and is intended as a place to develop shared research projects, and offers an opportunity to discuss individual research projects. The primary material, with respect to literature, is printed texts for children and youth. However, digital texts are also of interest to the group from a research perspective, in addition to various forms of communication and use of literature, including oral texts. 

Research is conducted in two fields: The study of texts and literature didactics. In the former, the group served as a basis for the project "Fantasy literature for children and youth" from 2016 to 2018. This led to a scientific anthology with contributions from external researchers. The research group is currently working on a literature didactics project: "Literature as a source of experience, acknowledgment and knowledge".