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  • The research group «Substance use, family and close others” focuses on the life situation of persons with substance use problems (including alcohol), and people close to them (family members and others). Within the scope is harm related to substance use dependence, but also harm to others than the substance user/drinker related to other non-dependent forms of substance use.
  • The research will include challenges related to substance use problems, both in an individual perspective and in a broader biopsychosocial perspective.
  • The research will focus on measures that can support coping among persons that use substances, family and others close to them and on improvement of their life situation.


  • The significance of parental practices and parental alcohol use in relation to adverse life experiences and substance use among adolescents (PhD project)
  • Adverse childhood experiences and health related outcomes in a general population of adults
  • QEEG and Neurofeedback in the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders: A Randomized Controlled Trial (PhD project)
  •  Family members affected by substance misuse or substance use disorder: How do they cope and what are their expressed needs for support? (PhD project)
  • Substance use, family and close others (PhD project under development)

Selected publications

Selected publications (last five years):

  • Jobling, Nina; Mjåland, Kristian; Birkeland, Bente (2023). Fengselssykepleieres erfaringer med samarbeidet med spesialisthelsetjenesten og fastleger om legemiddelassistert rehabilitering (LAR). Sykepleien Forskning. ISSN: 1890-2936. doi:10.4220/Sykepleienf.2023.91849.
  • Gabrielsen, Karin Berle; Clausen, Thomas; Haugland, Siri Håvås; Hollup, Stig Arvid; Vederhus, John-Kåre (2022). Infralow neurofeedback in the treatment of substance use disorders: a randomized controlled trial. Journal of Psychiatry & Neuroscience. ISSN: 1180-4882. 47 (3). s 222 - 229. doi:10.1503/jpn.210202.
  • Gallefoss, Lisbeth; Gabrielsen, Karin Berle; Haugland, Siri Håvås; Clausen, Thomas; Vederhus, John-Kåre (2022). Effects of a brief pre‑admission telephone reminder on no‑show and dropout rates in substance use disorder treatment: a quasi‑experimental study. Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy. ISSN: 1747-597X. 17 (1). doi:10.1186/s13011-022-00489-9
  • Marciuch, Anne; Brenna, Ida Halvorsen; Weimand, Bente; Solli, Kristin Klemmetsby; Tanum, Lars Håkon Reiestad; Røstad, Bente; Birkeland, Bente (2022). Patients’ experiences of continued treatment with extended-release naltrexone: a Norwegian qualitative study. Addiction science & clinical practice. ISSN: 1940-0632. 17 (1). s 1 - 14. doi: 10.1186/s13722-022-00317-2
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  • Vederhus, John-Kåre; Rørendal, Malin; Skårdal, Madelene; Næss, Marianne Otterstad; Clausen, Thomas; Kristensen, Øistein (2022). Successful outcomes with low–threshold intervention for cannabis use disorders in Norway - an observational study. PLOS ONE. ISSN: 1932-6203. 17 (6). s 1 - 12. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0269988.
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  • Haugland, S.H., Elgan, T (2021). Prevalence of Parental Alcohol Problems among a General Population Sample of 28,047 Norwegian Adults: Evidence for a Socioeconomic Gradient. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH). ISSN: 1661-7827. 18 (10).  
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  • Weimand, B. M., Birkeland, B., Ruud, T., & Høie, M. M. (2020). “It’s like being stuck on an unsafe and unpredictable rollercoaster”: Experiencing substance use problems in a partner. Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 37(3), 227-242. 
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Members in the group

Associate members

  • Ottar Ness, Professor, NTNU
  • Bente Weimand, Professor, USN
  • Pål Solhaug, Special Advisor, RVTS Sør
  • Monica Øvensen Ordahl, Special Advisor, Jegersberg gård.
  • Nina Jobling Iversen, psychriatic nurse, Sørlandet Hospital