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The multidisciplinary Physical Activity and Health across the Lifespan (PAHLS) research group will work towards the following missions:

  • Investigate the dose-response relationship between physical activity and health across the lifespan – from toddlers to healthy ageing.
  • Enhance our understanding of why some people are active and others are not and implement and evaluate interventions and policies to increase physical activity.
  • Innovate device-based assessment of physical activity and investigate the potential of technology to promote physical activity and deliver interventions aimed to increase physical activity and improve health.
  • Exploring the societal benefits of an active population in relation to the multiplicative health, social, and economic benefits of physical activity.

Ongoing projects

Selected publications


Research partners

  • National: Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Institute for Transport Economics , University of Tromsø. University of Stavanger
  • International: University of Uppsala, University of Umeå, The Technological University of the Shannon, VU Amsterdam, Loughborough University , University of Cambridge, University of Birmingham.