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The research group Heifa (Health in a Family Perspective) -  a family centered approach to children’s’ and adolescents’ health  

  • To explore everyday pain in children and adolescents, and to develop interventions to reduce pain and increase coping of everyday pain in children and adolescents
  • To explore health related quality of life in children, adolescents and their parents.
  • To explore sleep in parents of acute or chronic ill children
  • To implement and evaluate an early intervention framework to promote health in children 0-6 years with focus on obesity, neglect and bullying
  • To explore and evaluate community health interventions for children and families in the Tanga region, and the exchange of nursing students in different health services through Tanga International Competence Center (TICC) in Tanga (Tanzania)

Projects and programs

Pain in children, adolescents and their parents

The aim of the project is to explore pain, and to develop interventions to promote coping and reduction of pain in children, adolescents and their families.


Cultural adaptation and evaluation of the “iCanCope with Pain” app among Norwegian adolescents living with chronic everyday pain.

PI Kristin Haraldstad, PhD fellow Erik Grasaas

Funding: Ministry of Education (KD)

Start Young – Quality of Life and Pain in Generations / Start Ung – livskvalitet og smerte i generasjoner 

PI Gudrun Rohde, PhD fellow Hilde Timenes Mikkelsen

Funding: Ministry of Education (KD)

UngData - a cross-national survey of adolescents´ (14-19 years) health and well-being at the municipal and national levels in Norway.

PI Kristin Haraldstad, Magnhild Høie

Funding: University of Agder

Sleep in parents of healthy, acute or chronic ill children

The aim of the program is to explore sleep in parents of chronic or acute ill children, to identify factors influencing parents’ sleep, and to develop interventions to promote sleep, health and quality of life in parents in divergent phases of life and different contexts.


Sleep in parents of premature infants

PI Liv Fegran, PhD fellow Gunhild Nordbø Marthinsen

Funding: University of Agder, Institute of Health and Nursing Science

Early targeted follow-up of physical and psychological health in children to support evidence-based health service trajectories.

The aim of the program is to develop and evaluate the framework BTI for quality assurance of interventions aimed to promote physical and psychological health in children 0-6 years, focusing on early disclosure of bullying, neglect and obesity.

PI: Liv Fegran

Funding: University of Agder, Sørlandet hospital, Kristiansand municipality

Community work in Tanzania

The aim of this program is to (i) evaluate the HAMA programs; (ii) map community in Tanga; (iii) evaluate the impacts of the exchange of nurse students completing their clinical placements in different health context in Tanga.


How does the involvement in HAMAs campaign-work has an impact on the participating girl’s empowerment and health?

PI: Liv Fegran, masterstudent Ingrid Espegren Dalsmo.

Banana project - What impact does the banana project have on the children involved from parents and teachers’ perspectives?

PI: Kristin Haraldstad, master student Anne Katrine Ebitu.

Funding: University of Agder

Qualified intensive care nurses’ attitudes towards obese intensive care patients

The aim of the project is to explore intensive care nurses’ experiences of caring for obese patients, to develop a web-based         survey to measure their implicit and explicit attitudes towards these patients, and to explore whether their attitudes influence their care of obese patients.

PI Liv Fegran, PhD fellow Anja Nastasja Robstad

Funding: Ministry of Education (KD)



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Health in children and families

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Method development

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Research partners


Unni Mette Köpp, MD, PhD (Sørlandet hospital)

Eirik Abildsnes, MD, PhD (Kristiansand municipality)

Siv Skarstein, RN, PhD (Oslo and Akershus University College)

Borghild Løyland, RN, PhD (Oslo and Akershus University College)

Sveinung Berntsen Stølevik, Professor (University of Agder)

Ulrika Söderhamn, Professor (University of Agder)


Mette Spliid Ludvigsen, RN, PhD (Randers Regional Hospital, Denmark and Nord University, Norway))

Jennifer Stinson, PhD (Sick Kids Hospital, Toronto, Canada)

Professor Inger Hallström (Lund University, Sweden)

Kajsa Landgren, RN, PhD (Lund University, Sweden)

Gudrun Kristjansdottir, Professor (Reykjavik University, Island)

Ruth Nesje (Tanga International Competence Center (TICC), Tanga, Tanzania)

Mercy Chiduo, MC (National Institute for Medical Research, Tanga, Tanzania)