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An including society highlights community health work. The research is centred around how service users having different challenges, experience inclusion in society, how they live their lives and how they experience different municipal services. Additionally, the group also investigates the experiences of professionals in the community.  The research group also do social analysis, investigates the decentralization in the health services, studies the new institutions in the municipalities and also which knowledge the health care services are based on. 

Mainly, the group investigates local Norwegian conditions and cooperate closely with service user organizations.  

The research group An including society is a sub group of the department’s research group in Psychosocial Health.

Ongoing projects

  • A study of the significance of the small things for peoples’ recovery processes.
  • A study of living experiences of people having mental health challenges.
  • A study of professionals’ experiences of investigating childrens’ difficult experiences.
  • Helping relationships in supported housing.
  • A study of Norwegian textbooks in psychiatry and psychiatric nursing.
  • Living practices (botrening) as a link between institution and one’s own home.

Joint venture partner

  •  ROM Agder
  • A-Larm
  • Arendal municipality
  • The University of Stockholm

Selected publications

A place for the heart: A journey in the post-asylum landscape. Metaphors and materiality (2017)
Larsen, Inger Beate;Topor, Alain Pierre
Health and Place
Fra behandling til recovery. En review-studie av forskning på dagsentra for mennesker med psykiske lidelser (2017)
Bachke, Carl Christian;Larsen, Inger Beate
Nordisk tidsskrift for helseforskning
Textbook descriptions of people with psychosis – some ethical aspects (2018)
Fredwall, Terje Emil;Larsen, Inger Beate
Nursing Ethics
Small Things, Micro-Affirmation and Helpful Professionals Everyday Recovery-Oriented Practices According to Persons with Mental health Problems (2018)
Topor, Alain Pierre;Bøe, Tore Dag;Larsen, Inger Beate
Community mental health journal
The ambiguous influences of fire safety on people with mental health problems in supported housing (2019)
Friesinger, Jan Georg;Topor, Alain Pierre;Bøe, Tore Dag;Larsen, Inger Beate
Palgrave Communications
Studies regarding supported housing and the built environment for people with mental health problems: A mixed-methods literature review (2019)
Friesinger, Jan Georg;Topor, Alain Pierre;Bøe, Tore Dag;Larsen, Inger Beate
Health and Place
In Your Best Interest. A Discussion of How Capability Approach Could be Used as a Guideline to Strengthen and Supplement the Principle of the Child’s Best Interests. (2019)
Strømland, Monica;Andersen, Anders Johan W.;Johansen, Venke Frederike;Bahus, Marianne
The International Journal of Children's Rights
‘It’s not just a lot of words’. A qualitative exploration of residents’ descriptions of helpful relationships in supportive housing (2019)
Lindvig, Gunnhild Ruud;Bøe, Tore Dag;Topor, Alain Pierre;Larsen, Inger Beate
European Journal of Social Work
Plikt til samarbeid, invitasjon til konflikt? Sykepleierrollen i norske høysikkerhetsfengsel (2020)
Fredwall, Terje Emil;Larsen, Inger Beate
Recovery: Stressing the Social Basis of the Process (2020)
Topor, Alain Pierre;Larsen, Inger Beate;Bøe, Tore Dag
Mad in America
Materialities in supported housing for people with mental health problems: a blurry picture of the tenants (2020)
Friesinger, Jan Georg;Topor, Alain;Bøe, Tore Dag;Larsen, Inger Beate
Sociology of Health and Illness
Things matter: about materiality and recovery from mental health difficulties (2020)
Larsen, Inger Beate;Bøe, Tore Dag;Topor, Alain Pierre
International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being
“I will never forget him”. A qualitative exploration of staff descriptions of helpful relationships in supportive housing (2020)
Lindvig, Gunnhild Ruud;Topor, Alain Pierre;Bøe, Tore Dag;Larsen, Inger Beate
Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
Bofellesskap, bil og relasjoner En utforsking av ansattes og beboeres erfaringer med og ønsker om bilbruk (2020)
Lindvig, Gunnhild Ruud;Topor, Alain Pierre;Bøe, Tore Dag;Larsen, Inger Beate
Tidsskrift for omsorgsforskning
You realise you are better when you want to live, want to go out, want to see people: Recovery as assemblage (2021)
Larsen, Inger Beate;Friesinger, Jan Georg;Strømland, Monica;Topor, Alain Pierre
International Journal of Social Psychiatry
Before Recovery: A Blind Spot in Recovery Research? Users’ Narratives About the Origins and Development of their Mental Health and/or Addiction Problems (2021)
Topor, Alain Pierre;Fredwall, Terje Emil;Hodøl, Elin Kristin Svoren;Larsen, Inger Beate
Journal of Recovery in Mental Health
Human-Animal Relationships in Supported Housing: Animal Atmospheres for Mental Health Recovery (2021)
Friesinger, Jan Georg;Birkeland, Bente;Thorød, Anne Brita
Frontiers in Psychology
Pleieuniformen på sengen – om steder, gjenstander og bedring The nurse uniform on the bed – on places, objects and recovery (2021)
Larsen, Inger Beate;Topor, Alain Pierre;Bøe, Tore Dag
Tidsskrift for psykisk helsearbeid
Kunnskapens prismer (2021)
Topor, Alain Pierre;Bøe, Tore Dag;Larsen, Inger Beate
Tidsskrift for psykisk helsearbeid
The Lost Social Context of Recovery Psychiatrization of a Social Process (2022)
Topor, Alain Pierre;Bøe, Tore Dag;Larsen, Inger Beate
Frontiers in Sociology
Too Vulnerable to Participate? A Systematic Literature Review of the Gap between a Right to Participate and Participation, in Welfare Services (2022)
Strømland, Monica;Bahus, Marianne;Andersen, Anders Johan W.
Journal of Human Rights Practice

Members in the group

Associate members

  • Alain Topor, Stockholms universitet
  • Geir Kanck, ROM Agder
  • Khuncha Xas, ROM Agder
  • Terje Fagersand, selvstendig medforsker