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The Rise of Common Political Order. Institutions, Public Administration and Transnational Space

Edward Elgar Publishing, 2017


Edited by Jarle Trondal


The Rise of Common Political Order brings together leading research focusing on the conditions for the formation of common political order in Europe. The book aims to define common political order in conceptual terms, to study instances of order formation at different levels of governance and ultimately to comprehend how they profoundly challenge inherent political orders.

The book’s objectives are twofold: first, to explain institutional birth and growth, and second, and most importantly, to assess key effects of order formation. To what extent, and under which conditions, does common political order transform pre-existing political orders? In sum, the book discusses how we can assess theoretically and empirically the rise, stagnation and retrenchment of common political order in Europe. The authors expertly tackle these questions with empirical illustrations of emergent political orders at international, inter-regional and local levels.

The Rise of Common Political Order will have great appeal to political scientists, public administration scholars and international relations scholars based in the EU, US and beyond.