UiA Nyskaping encourages greater innovation by our students, and we can provide supervision to develop ideas successfully. Our aim is to offer an accelerating process customised and designed to meet individual needs and expectations.

Your own mentor

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UiA Nyskaping offers mentor services for further guidance and development of your ideas. Our network consists of competent mentors, providing you with close supervision accommodated to your project.

Interested in becoming a mentor for our students?

If you are interested in sharing your experiences and knowledge with future start-ups and projects, please contact us for more information on how to become a mentor.


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Being a part of UiA Nyskaping provides you with access to our incubator, a creative co-working space where you are free to develop your ideas.  

Contact us to receive your incubator access.

Student counselling

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After you propose your idea to UiA Nyskaping, access to student counselling will be provided from both internal and external resources on a professional level. You will receive a quick feedback to start with your customised innovation process. We offer counselling in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and market research so you are able to start structuring the work process.

Knowledge Network


Through our extensive knowledge network, UiA Nyskaping can connect you to different stakeholders both at the University of Agder and external actors in the region. You will be linked to partners that can support your processes of commercialising, patenting and external funding. 

Access to Entrepreneurial Knowledge

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Centre for Entrepreneurship is responsible for the current education into the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation at UiA. The Centre for Entrepreneurship offers access to further education upon demand.