UiA Nyskaping encourages greater innovation by UiAs’ employees, where we can provide supervision to develop your ideas successfully. Our aim is to develop a tailor-made and quick process to meet your needs.

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What we can offer

Impact counselling

UiA Nyskaping ANSATT offers counselling in identifying impact, developing concepts and linking research to potential users that could benefit from your insights.

Our Impact Exploration workshop can give input to impact sections in grant applications (for example NFR and EU). This workshop requires no preparation or specific ‘business idea’ from the researcher. Using interactive tools, we work together with the researcher(s) to uncover the potential user(s) of the research and develop initial concepts that can be explored further. 

Student participation in innovation projects

You can apply for support for all research projects lead by permanent employees or postdocs at UiA or PhD candidates admitted to a PhD programme at UiA, where students with active student status at UiA participate.

It is important that some of the projects include students from the teacher education programmes due to the Teacher Education Unit not being awarded funding in the proposed allocation formula.
The deadline for applications is the October 1st.
For more information about student participation and financing, follow this link.


UiA Nyskaping offers workshops to help you attain spesific results. Using interactive tools, we can help you develop new or exisiting concepts, proucts or services. The workshops is relevant for employees with or without spesific ideas.

Impact Exploration

A workshop module that applies a user-driven approach to explore and uncover the potential impact of a given research area.

Here we work together with the researcher(s) to uncover the potential user(s) of the research and develop initial concepts that can be explored further.

This workshop requires no preparation or specific ‘business idea’ from the researcher.

Concept Development

A workshop module that applies a user-driven approach to further refine an initial business or impact idea. 

Using a variety of interactive methodologies, the facilitator guides the participants through different exercises including persona exploration and user cards to challenge and further develop a concept.

This workshop requires an initial business or impact concept idea that can be explored further.

Mapping the user journey

A workshop module that uses principles from the service design field to visualize the customer journey. Together with the facilitator and a panel of potential users, the participants build a user journey map navigating through personas, timelines, touchpoints, channels and emotions of the user.

This workshop requires an initial business or impact concept. The user exploration module is recommended prior to this module.

The sustainable development goals

A workshop module that inspires you to tackle the great challenges. Using The Global Goal Cards, the facilitator helps you understand which development goals you can tackle. Illustrating the UN goals for sustainable development, the Global Goals Cards facilitate dialogue, generate ideas and develop hands-on solutions.

This workshop requires no preparation.

Counselling for employees

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After you propose your idea to UiA Nyskaping, access to employee counselling will be provided from both internal and external resources on a professional level. You will receive a quick feedback so you can start your customised innovation process. We offer counselling in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and market research so you are able to structure the work process.

Knowledge network


UiA  Nyskaping can connect you to different stakeholders both at the University of Agder and external actors in the region. With extensive knowledge on current available resources, you will be linked to actors that can support your processes of commercialising, patenting and external funding. 

Your own mentor

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UiA Nyskaping offers mentor services for further guidance and development of your idea. Our network consists of competent mentors, providing you with close supervision accommodated to your project.

 Interested in becoming a mentor for employees?

If you are interested in sharing your experiences and knowledge with future start-ups and projects, please contact us for more information on how to become a mentor.

Access to Entrepreneurial Knowledge

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Centre for Entrepreneurship is responsible for the current education into the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation at UiA. The Centre for Entrepreneurship offers access to further education upon demand.

Important information regarding patent and Intellectual Property rights

All employees at UiA must report any development of inventions and patents. In accordance to the Copyright Act (Åndsverksloven), you may also have to report any creation of software  or databases, ideas or materials that can be commercialised as brands or design.

UiA Nyskaping offers help to any employee to fill out and submit the DOFI-form for invention and patent creation. 

Does your skills and research results yield to commercial potential?

Forny 2020

In partnership with Innoventus Sør, we wish to identify your commercial potential based on your project results.

More information on how FORNY 2020 works read more.

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