We help students and employees to realise the full potential of their ideas by tailor-making an innovation process.

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About UiA Nyskaping

UiA Nyskaping is University of Agder’s response to further encourage greater innovation by both our students and staff, where we can provide professional support for transforming great ideas into commercial viable projects.

Our goal is to strengthen and create an innovative environment, as well as to showcase our ongoing and successful projects at the University.
We aim at accelerating the design process that meets the specific needs of each project. We work to accommodate and support all faculties upon request.

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Leader of Centre for Entrepreneurship
9I261 (Universitetsveien 19, Kristiansand)
Leader of UiA Nyskaping
13108 (Universitetsveien 13, Kristiansand)
Leader of Student Incubator UiA
13101 (Universitetsveien 13, Kristiansand)

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