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Whittaker and Lysgård are running as a rector team

Sunniva Whittaker and Hans Kjetil Lysgård are running as rector and pro-rector candidates respectively in the rector election. Ten employees promoted the two as a team on Friday.

Pic of Whitakker and Lysgård

Rector team: Sunniva Whittaker and Hans Kjetil Lysgård

According to the election regulations, the two are considered to have been elected:

Sunniva Whittaker has been rector at the University of Agder since autumn 2019 and is standing again for a new four-year term. The new term runs from 1 August 2023 to 31 July 2027. Whittaker is a professor of French linguistics and was elected to the post of rector when she was dean of UiA’s Faculty of Humanities and Education.

Hans Kjetil Lysgård is vice rector for research and interdisciplinary projects, a position he has held since autumn 2019. He is also a professor of human geography and held a position in the Faculty of Social Sciences at UiA.

In line with the university's election regulations, candidates for the positions of rector and pro-rector must be proposed by at least ten employees or students at UiA. The ten who have nominated the Whittaker/Lysgård team are:

The Whittaker/Lysgård team are the first candidates to be put forward in this year's rector and pro-rector elections. A fuller presentation of both of them will be published on the university's election pages as soon as they are ready.

Key dates in the rector election:

  • 2 - 22 January: Period for nominating candidates
  • 23 January - 7 February: Election campaign
  • Week 6: Presentation of the candidates
  • 8 - 19 February: The electoral roll for students and an updated electoral roll for staff are published
  • 19 February: Deadline for appeals on the electoral roll
  • 20 - 26 February: First round of voting
  •  6 - 10 March: Possible second round of voting

According to the university's election regulations, at least two teams of rectors and vice-rectors must stand for election for the election to take place. If only one team is nominated before the deadline on 22 January expires, that team will be considered to have been elected.