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Watch the general meeting on video

On Wednesday 26 August, there was an online general meeting at UiA. Here you can see recordings of the Norwegian and English general meetings in their entirety. They last for 19 minutes (in Norwegian) and 12 minutes (in English).

Kantina er også et område der smittevern-meteren ofte er skrumpet inn. Samtidig setter mange seg på umerkede plasser. Husk at det bare er plassene som er merket med grønt som skal brukes. Det betyr også at stoler ikke skal flyttes til andre bord enn de som de er plassert ved. Det er lett å glemme seg, men hvis vi får Covid-19-smitte risikerer vi at kantina og campus blir stengt og tom. Det er det få - om noen - som ønsker.

The canteen is  an area where keeping a meter distance has been challenging. Many people sit in unmarked spaces. Remember that only spaces marked with a green sticker may be used, and chairs should not be moved to other tables. It is easy to forget, but if we get a case of COVID-19, we may have to close the canteen and campus, and nobody wants that.

The general meeting was held as part of our effort to keep UiA open – we are vulnerable, and neither students nor employees want to revert back to online teaching. However, we may be heading there, as cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed among students at NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and the University of Bergen – and also in Kristiansand, at Grim upper secondary school.

Two key topics were addressed by the three speakers: Rector Sunniva Whittaker, University Director Seunn Smith-Tønnessen and Head of Security Jan Egil Heinecke:

First: Praise to the majority of staff and students as the protective measures are taken seriously. The vast majority understands the consequences of not complying with coronavirus regulations. People use hand sanitisers and practice maintaining a safe distance.

Secondly: Hallways, Vrimlehallen on Campus Kristiansand and the foyer of Fønix cinema, are often too crowded. UiA has tried to reduce the risk of infection by rescheduling lectures in auditoria B1 018 and B1 006 to avoid congestion, but there is still too much crowding. Another important measure is to empty the auditoria row by row. The feedback is that lecturers provide good reminders – but they need to continue doing that.

Several other topics were discussed - cleaning, door stops and a reminder that lecturers have to charge the microphone after they finish their lecture, to make sure the equipment is fully charged for the next lecturer.

(The video may take some time to load)