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Use the Covid test sites - time and place

In Kristiansand you can take a rapid test at Øvre Torv in City Centre Friday 27 August from 16 to 20 and Saturday from 11 to 19 o'clock. Check new times for test stations at Campus Kristiansand and Campus Grimstad next week.

Koronatestestasjonen på Campus Kristiansand.

The test site - the white tent - is located on the road to Campus Kristiansand, by SiA's new building near Spicheren. They offer rapid tests from 09:00 – 11:00 on weekdays. On Campus Grimstad, the test site is near Bluebox and the main entrance and open every weekday from 12:00 – 14:00.

The Covid test sites are open for all - students and staff. The Covid test sites on both campuses will conduct rapid tests every weekday in the coming weeks. Anyone who experiences the slightest symptom should get tested.

From Monday 30. August are the hours for fast-track corona virus testing rescheduled to 10:00 - 14:00 at Campus Kristiansand. 

- Those who are most in need for a test are probably not out of bed early after the night before, says STA leader Kristian Fredrik Meyer Ødegård wiht a smile.

There is an increase in infections in both Grimstad and Kristiansand, and the municipal health services are concerned. People have been arriving from all over the country and abroad, and it is easy to forget social distancing rules, increasing the risk of outbreaks at UiA. We must all try to avoid this.

The test sites are open every weekday - check the times

“Rapid tests is offered at these sites, and the demand will probably increase”, says emergency manager and head of security at UiA, Jan Egil Heinecke.

Campus Grimstad:

The test site at the main entrance/Bluebox on Campus Grimstad is open every weekday from 12:00 - 14:00 - not Saturday or Sunday. There is no change in Grimstad.

Campus Kristiansand:

The test site near Spicheren on Campus Kristiansand is open every weekday from 10:00 - 14:00 - and closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Green passport or rapid tests at events

The Student Welfare Organisation in Agder (SiA) considers Covid passport for use at some events. Green Covid passes will only be available to those who are either fully vaccinated or can show a recent negative test.. Read more on corona passports / COVID-19 certificate at helseNorge.no, scroll down to "Rules which give a green or red light in the COVID-19 certificate".

“We will consider expanding the opening hours at the test sites if need be. But we have to consider the cost against the number of people wanting to get tested”, the head of security says.

Everyone must scan QR codes

There are QR codes at all entrances to tents, auditoriums, classrooms, and group study rooms. It is very important, and UiA has set it as a requirement, that everyone entering a room scans the QR code.

“We saw this in Grimstad. Students were being held back until they had scanned the code, and this meant that it was a simple task for Grimstad municipality’s infection control team to track down the ones who need to get tested. We would have had to resort to more drastic measures if we hadn’t had the QR codes”, says Heinecke.

The municipal medical officers and infection tracking units in both Grimstad and Kristiansand underline that everyone must scan QR codes, since it greatly facilitates contact tracing.