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UPDATED: UiA recommends returning home

UiA recommends all students and staff abroad to follow the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' request to return home as soon as possible. In addition, exchange students at UiA in Norway are recommended to return to their home countries.

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Updated on 14 March 12:00:

The advice of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 14 March at 11.00 is as follows:

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all travel that is not strictly necessary for all countries. As of now, the advice is for the period of 14 March to 14 April.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs encourages all Norwegian citizens traveling abroad to consider returning home as soon as possible, in a safe and orderly manner, starting with checking with their travel agency or airline.
  • All travelers who arrive in Norway from countries outside the Nordic countries will be put in quarantine for 14 days, regardless of whether they are experiencing symptoms or not. This order has retroactive effect from 27 February.
  • The situation in countries experiencing coronavirus outbreaks is changing rapidly. Countries can quickly introduce travel restrictions, force quarantine upon entry from countries with outbreaks, borders can be closed, flights can be cancelled and other measures can be implemented.
  • It is important that each person has an understanding of the situation. It is important to take safety into consideration and stay updated on developments both on a local and national level.
  • Updated information in English can be found on the page of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.
  • See also: Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against non-essential travel to all countries.

UiA students who are currently abroad

Students who are returning home and will not be able to complete the semester abroad must contact their faculty for questions about the structure of the programme. See https://www.uia.no/en/student/hjelp-og-veiledning/do-you-need-student-guidance

If students prefer to remain in the host university, they should consider:

  • Own health status. Are you in one of the coronavirus risk groups?
  • Follow-up and guidelines from the host university;
  • The health care system where you are located. The quality of health care systems varies from country to country. How is the health care system in the country where you are dealing with the development of the coronavirus?
  • Return options, including change of ticket and travel insurance;
  • Check your health insurance;
  • Social network and support system where you currently are;
  • Take into consideration the assessments of those in your nearest home in Norway. 

Students returning to Norway must first explore the possibility of the airline changing its departure date. Many airlines are flexible, but if a change is impossible, this can be covered by personal travel insurance.

If the student cannot change the ticket and additional costs are not covered by personal travel insurance, UiA will cover additional costs in connection with the return journey. Remember to document these costs. 

The facilities of UiA are currently closed and employees are working from home. Students with questions should contact the International Education Office at int-kontor@uia.no

UiA employees (including research fellows)

All UiA employees and research fellows who are abroad are advised to return home in accordance with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ request. They are asked to contact their immediate leader to clarify the situation. UiA is also trying to contact all employees who are currently abroad.

Travel expenses on business trips/research travel: The person should initially take this with G-travel, own travel agency or own travel insurance. Other issues related to travel and expenses are clarified with the immediate leader at UiA.

Foreign students at UiA are advised to go home

Due to the escalation of the coronavirus situation, the University of Agder recommends that all exchange students return home.

Many countries introduce strict travel regulations and borders are closing to prevent further contamination, which can make returning home very difficult at a later date. Italy, China, El Salvador, New Zealand, Poland, Ireland, and Denmark are countries that now (as of March 14) have imposed the largest and most extensive restrictions.

UiA recommends that all students contact their home university and follow their guidelines. Students who wish to be in Norway are welcome to do so and will be followed up by the International Education Office at UiA.

The University of Agder will make every effort to ensure that all students can complete the semester digitally. Specific information for each course will be published in the students' digital learning platform Canvas.

All students planning on returning home must inform the International Education Office at the University of Agder at int-office@uia.no, as well as the housing office.

International degree students at UiA

The University of Agder recommends that international degree students remain in Norway and follow the guidelines on https://www.uia.no/no/about-uia/information-og-guiding-ab-the-coronavirus.

Any international students who have questions or need other information can contact the International Education Office at int-office@uia.no.

Read more on uia.no/en/virus.