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Updated: No coronavirus infection at UiA – test result is negative

Updated 11 September: The student who was tested for possible coronavirus infection has tested negative a second time. The medical officer of health has therefore lifted the quarantine for the individuals affected, and UiA is back to ‘normal’ coronavirus preparedness. All teaching will resume as normal on Monday.

This article is more than one years old, and may contain outdated information.


A student of Campus Kristiansand is being tested for a suspected COVID-19 infection. Several fellow students in quarantine until the test result is available.  UiA informed the affected students that they should stay at home. Still, we request all students and staff members to be even more careful about staying at home at even the slightest symptom of illness that may be related to COVID-19. Check the Guide to Prevent Transmission of COVID-19 on the UiA website.

Update: Previously, we have used the term "The student's cohabitant". This is now rephrased as "The student shares a household with another person".

Update 2 - 10 september: The test was netgative, but the the Municipal Health Care Service has decided to take a second test. Before this result is clear, the situation is status quo. 

UiA was informed that one of its students might be infected with COVID-19.  Measures to contain any possible transmission are in place. 

The Municipal Health Care Service of Kristiansand is responsible for contact tracing after any suspected or confirmed infection. UiA assists in the process, in this case first of all by calling about 40 students and staff members of the Faculty of Fine Arts, informing them that they should stay at home until it is clear whether the student tests positive for COVID-19 or not. 

The student in question lives together with a person who tested positive for COVID-19. That is why it is essential that all students and staff members carefully follow the guidelines to prevent transmission, and that they stay at home at even the slightest indication of symptoms – also if they have not been in contact with anyone from the Faculty of Fine Arts.

"We are as well-prepared as we possibly can be for this scenario, and our impression is that both students and staff members take proper care disinfecting their hands and following the guidelines for infection prevention in general", says University Director Seunn Smith-Tønnessen.


The quarantine will last until we receive further notice, which will most likely be given on Wednesday when the test result is available.  The quarantined students will be informed via their learning platform in Canvas, whether there will be digital lectures. More information on any further changes in the teaching plan will also be communicated via Canvas.

The Guide to Prevent Transmission of COVID-19 explains what is involved if you need to be quarantined and lists the symptoms that you should pay extra attention to. Read it – you can also follow the link on www.UiA.no.

Additional cleaning

Additional cleaning measures are being taken for the rooms in which the student followed lectures, and for all open zones in the Faculty's building.

The students who were informed to stay in quarantine followed lectures in the same room as the student who is possibly infected. The student will also come with more details about any other areas at the campus that he visited. This is being followed up. The Municipal Health Care Service is in touch with the student to map his movements since Thursday last week, to be on the safe side.

We will assess the need for any further measures when more information is available.