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UPDATED: Coronavirus restrictions at UiA

Grimstad municipality has introduced stricter infection control measures as a consequence of the coronavirus situation in Arendal. These measures also impact Campus Grimstad. Students and employees should avoid travelling between campuses.

This article is more than one years old, and may contain outdated information.

Dronebilde av Campus Grimstad

Campus Grimstad (Drone-photo: Morten Torjussen)


UPDATE 4 October: Please write your name on the list at the entrance of the employee and student cafeteria. Every canteen user should be registered so as to make the infection tracking easier.

Like before, what is most important is that anyone with respiratory symptoms should stay at home, and at least away from campus. Everyone should wash their hands diligently and use hand sanitiser and keep a one-metre distance.

Canteen restrictions

The most noticeable measure is that the canteens in Grimstad must register their guests. This applies to both the student canteen in Gata and the staff canteen. The reason is that infection tracking will be easier and more efficient.

In the staff canteen, please register on the list by the entrances. It is important that every canteen user is registered - to make the infection tracking easier and more efficient.

In the student canteen in Gata, everyone must register by scanning a QR-code by the cash register.

Student cards or employee cards must be tapped on the card reader next to the canteen entrances.


In private homes - e.g. students dorm - only 10 persons can meet for a colloquium or a social event.

Public events like a conference or a seminar at campus may have up to a maximum of 50 persons present at the same time.

Lectures are not affected by these rules. UiA follows the scheme we are using this semester.

Limit travel between campuses

The operational emergency response team encourages both employees and students to avoid travelling between campuses unless it is strictly necessary.

Meetings should be held online, where possible, to an even greater extent than before.

Each individual should also keep track of who they have been in close contact with over the last couple of days. That will make contact tracing easier and more efficient should we get a COVID-19 case.

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