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University Board by-election to be held

The Election Committee at UiA has announced a by-election to the University Board from permanent employees in academic positions. The voting period is 18 - 22 October.

Campus, photo
BY- ELECTION: The by-election to the University Board will be held in the period 18 - 22 October.
Veslemøy Rabe, foto

Veslemøy Rabe

“The by-election is held because one of the two constituency representatives, Assistant Professor Paul Ragnar Svennevig, has become Head of the Department of Engineering Sciences and can no longer represent the permanent employees in teaching and research positions on the University Board”, says leader of the Election Committee, Veslemøy Rabe (picture).

See the announcement here!

Candidate deadline is 4 October

The deadline for submitting candidates is 4 October at 14:00.

“Candidates must be nominated by at least five voting members of the constituency, on a separate form that can be downloaded from the University's election pages. It is important that the candidates proposed are asked ahead of the nomination and that they also sign the form”, says Veslemøy Rabe.

Must be male

The constituency’s other representative on the University Board is Professor Gro Renée Rambø. To meet the requirement of gender balance within the individual constituency (from the University and University Colleges Act), the election therefore applies to a male representative only. However, all eligible members of the constituency can propose candidates and vote in the election, regardless of gender.

It is also the case that if one of the current male deputies for the constituency stands for election and is elected, the by-election will be for the position as male deputy member.

Important dates

• 6 September at 10:00: The census record/election roll is published. You can check the election roll on the electronic voting page.

• 6 September at 10:00 - 4 October at 14:00: Candidate proposal period.

• 4 October at 14:00: The deadline for complaints about the election role expires.

• 18 October at 10:00 - 22 October at 14:00: Voting period. You vote electronically on the voting page

The deadline for submitting complaints about the election is one week after the election results are announced.