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UiA strategy 2021-2024

The University Board agreed Thursday on a plan to revise UiA’s overall strategy. It is of importance to the Board that this process is open and inclusive.

The intention is to revise UiA’s current strategy 2016-2020. In 2016, a comprehensive process was undertaken which led to the university’s vision: co-creation of knowledge, and our three strategic priorities: Learning and Education for the Future, Global Mindset, Community Involvement and Innovation.

Considerable work was put into the current strategy document, and the vision of ‘co-creation of knowledge’ has become a visible part of UiA’s strategy in its collaboration with employers and businesses in the region, and the wider community. The extensive cooperation is also the result of years of conscious efforts, where UiA has emphasised cooperation and interdisciplinarity both in its academic and institutional development.  

Key priorities

The strategic priority Learning and Education for the Future underlines that UiA has high ambitions for our students’ education for future employment, development of critical thinking skills and personal development. UiA will be an excellent university both to study and teach at, and during this last strategy period, a number of measures have been initiated to achieve our objectives in this priority area. UiA has established Centre for Learning and Teaching and has developed a scheme to enhance education quality. A comprehensive training programme for staff with teaching duties has also been developed.

The strategic priority Global Mindset aims to strengthen UiA’s position as an attractive partner and raise the University’s international profile and to integrate this into UiA’s culture. In this priority area, several measures for increased internationalisation have been implemented, like increasing the number of incoming and outgoing students and staff, establishing quality long-term international partnerships, and improving the University’s global communication. Practice placements as part of our study programmes is also an essential component. The number of study programmes offering practice placements has increased, and considerable work has been undertaken to ensure quality improvement.

The strategic priority Community Involvement and Innovation shows the direction UiA wants to take to help solve the challenges of the future. Specific outcomes are the establishment of a co-creation centre, CoLAB; and the opening of the regional arena for co-creation, I4Health, autumn 2019.

The process going forward

The strategy document for the next period will build on the existing strategy. At the same time, the rectorate thinks there are elements that need to be emphasised more strongly in the new strategy, and that it must aim to address major societal challenges to a greater extent. The rectorate also thinks the next strategy should have a more long-term perspective, even though it is updated every four years. That makes it easier to set more long-term goals for the institution.

During the board meeting, it was emphasised that the process going forward should be open, to give all students and staff the opportunity to have a say in the strategy development. The rectorate now visits the various departments at UiA, where a central purpose is to seek input for the new strategy. 

The Board agreed to the following time-plan for the further process:


What happens  


Process proposal

  • The Board agrees to a plan for the strategy process

16-17 October 2019 

Discussion paper submitted for consultation

  • Discussion paper submitted for consultation

1 December 2019

Consultation deadline for the discussion paper

  • The UiA organisation considers the consultation input.
  • 3-4 workshops are organised on relevant topics in the discussion paper. During these workshops, it will be essential to secure input from outside the formal university organisation.
  • The board meeting in January considers the feedback on the discussion paper and gives its guidelines.

1 February 2020

Draft strategy submitted for consultation

  • A draft strategy is developed, based on the discussion paper and consultation input

1 March 2020

Consultation deadline for draft strategy

  • The UiA organisation considers the consultation input

30 April 2020

Final UiA strategy discussion

  • The Board discusses UiA’s strategy at the June meeting

June 2020