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UiA releases tickets for Researchers’ Grand Prix

Eight doctoral students from UiA participate in this year’s Researchers’ Grand Prix in Agder. Tickets for the regional final at Kick Scene in Kristiansand on 24 September will be released today.

This article is more than one years old, and may contain outdated information.

Participants in Researchers' Grand Prix, photo
THE CANDIDATES: Top left: Karl Olav Segrov Mortensen, Anita Øgård-Repål, Beate Goldschmidt-Gjerløw, Juan Diego Cardenas Cartagena, Kim Øvland, Lena Hansen Malnes, Nooria Yari, and Sinziana Rasca.

“It is going to be incredibly exciting. There are some great competitors this year, so expectations are high”, says Head of Information Jan Arve Olsen at UiA’s Division of Communication, who is project manager for Researchers’ Grand Prix in Agder.

He explains that Researchers’ Grand Prix is ​​part of the national Research Week which is organised by the Norwegian Research Council. It is a passionate, fun and eventful competition where the audience may learn something new and exciting.

Presentation of the researchers

Releasing 55 tickets today

The regional final for Agder kicks off on 24 September, where eight PhD researchers have four minutes to hook you with the story of their research. Most of the university's faculties are represented.

“It is no easy task, and these brave researchers deserve applause, cheering and positive energy from the audience. It is going to be fun - and educational for everyone involved”, says Olsen.

A total of 55 free tickets for this year's Researcher Grand Prix in Agder will be released today. Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis from 12:00.

“Kick Scene can actually accommodate many more people, but physical distancing rules mean that there are very limited places at an event like this”, says Jan Arve Olsen.


The audience and a panel of judges will vote for two candidates who will advance to the national finals in Trondheim on Saturday 26 September. The audience vote counts for 50 percent, so every vote counts!

The panel of judges consists of Professor Frode Gallefoss, clinical research director at Sørlandet Hospital, Culture Editor Karen Kristine Blågestad in Fædrelandsvennen, and Actor Lars Emil Nielsen. The host of the evening's event is Kari Byklum from the communications agency aStory.

“It is all about being a good communicator”

The Head of Information says that even though the competition in Kristiansand and the final in Trondheim are goals in themselves, the main benefit for the eight participants is the six-month communication course they completed ahead of going on stage. They have learnt a whole lot about what it takes to become a good communicator, as well as how to convey research and science to a general audience.

Since May, an amazing team has taught and guided the candidates, both on stage and via Zoom. The team consists of senior advisers Arne Martin Larsen and Thomas Eikeland Fiskå from the Division of Communication, Associate Professor Andreas Aase from the Faculty of Humanities and Education, and Associate Professor Ida Fugli from the Faculty of Fine Arts.

“It is not easy to condense your research and present it in a simple, understandable, interesting and entertaining way. However, I am impressed with the candidates so far – and look forward to seeing the finished performance!” says Jan Arve Olsen.