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UiA Help now has new premises

On Monday 28 September, UiA Help reopened on campus in both Grimstad and Kristiansand.

This article is more than one years old, and may contain outdated information.

Employees at the new premises on Campus Grimstad
Some of the employees at UiA Help on Campus Grimstad who are ready to help (from left): Angelina L. Halvorsen, Audun Wathne, Bjørg Rose, Jonny Nordhus and Ida Pinslund. Photo: Sissel Eikeland

“We are very pleased to be in new premises. These are better suited to the services we provide”, says Beate Andreassen, head of the Student Service Centre at UiA.

UiA Help offers services to all students and staff at UiA.

Services remain unchanged

Reorganisation and new premises provide a more efficient way of working. After the refurbishment of the premises, they are now in full swing. Monday 28 September was the official opening on both campuses.

“Students and employees can expect the same basic services we have offered since November 2019 when the previous support services were merged”, says Andreassen.

“We have the same contact information, the same opening hours and use the same chat, and in addition several services have been digitalised”, she says.

New premises in Grimstad

On Campus Kristiansand, UiA Help is back inside the library after being housed in temporary premises by the main entrance during the renovation. There is now one contact point for all enquiries to the various support services.

Inngangen til UiA Hjelp på Campus Kristiansand, foto

UiA Help in Kristiansand is back inside the library.

In Grimstad, UiA Help has become much more visible. The new premises are on the right just after the main entrance.

“We offer help with access cards and keys, usernames, passwords and internet connection. You can also get help borrowing books, and if you need guidance from a librarian, we can help you book an appointment”, says Andreassen.

Many enquiries

UiA Help is a service that is widely used. Tone Aasheim is acting team coordinator at the Student Service Centre. She says they noticed a great increase in enquiries during semester start in August.

Medarbeidere i de nye lokalene på Campus Kristiansand, foto

Staff at UiA Help on Campus Kristiansand (from left): Tuva Jacob, Tor Ferdinand Hakli, Ulf Ronny Svalland, Joyce Kapasango, Ardian Pasjaqa, Tobias Sander Isbrand.

“Then we had about 4,000 enquiries by phone, email and chat. In more normal weeks, we have around 1,200 such enquiries. In addition, we have the in-person enquiries”, says Aasheim.

Forward-looking solutions

According to Andreassen, UiA Help will constantly work to improve the services we offer.

“We have the potential to add more services over time. We have a forward-looking approach, and always want to work towards providing the best solutions for the university.”

UiA Help is now conducting a survey to get feedback on the services they offer. This way, they can find out how they can improve.

“We encourage both students and staff to respond to this”, says Andreassen.

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