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Two receive award for teaching excellence

Associate Professor John Arngrim Hunnes and Associate Professor Torunn Skåltveit Olsen at the School of Business and Law at UiA have been awarded the status of merited teachers.

This article is more than two years old, and may contain outdated information.

John Arngrim Hunnes and Torunn Skåltveit Olsen, photo

The assessments were made by an external expert committee on the basis of set criteria, and their unanimous recommendation was adopted by the University Board at the meeting on 12 May. The new meritorious teachers received the news and congratulations from Rector Sunniva Whittaker and Vice Rector for Education Morten Brekke when they appeared in a digital meeting on Thursday morning.

“Our new merited teachers have documented a systematic and scientific approach to teaching. They are interested in developing as teachers and have a collegial approach that is an inspiration to others beyond their own field”, says Brekke.


“It is motivating to receive the recognition that is implicit in the title merited teacher. It is a recognition of the systematic work John Arngrim Hunnes and I have done over several years. We meet many excited new students, and to give them the best start to their journey at the university has been an important motivating factor”, says Torunn Skåltveit Olsen.

“I regard the appointment as a recognition of the systematic pedagogical work undertaken at the School of Business and Law. I am also happy that my colleague Torunn Olsen receives the same status since we have had an educational collaboration over many years. For me personally, the appointment is an extra motivation in the effort to continue developing and improving the teaching”, says John Arngrim Hunnes.

The committee’s reasons

About Torunn Skåltveit Olsen, the committee writes that she is willing to change her approach to teaching when she sees potential for improvement, it also highlights her efforts to create a constructive learning environment.

About John Arngrim Hunnes, the committee writes that he works systematically to promote learning and a learning environment based on motivation and respect. He evaluates his teaching practice and the students’ learning outcomes and uses this to develop the teaching.

“It is great for the School of Business and Law at UiA to have two meritorious teachers and that the systematic quality work they have carried out over time receives such recognition. They are teachers who dare to try new things, also in larger groups; they care about the learning environment and the feedback from their students; they are very collaborative, and they also demonstrate a high degree of reflection about their own teaching and research on the topic”, says dean at UiA School of Business and Law, Kristin Wallevik.

The two have previously won the education award at UiA for their work to incorporate ethics in business education. This time, each was assessed separately.

Scheme for quality improvement

The objective of the merit award scheme at UiA is to improve the quality of teaching and increase the value of education for our students. Candidates must document a scientific approach, high quality of student learning, clear progressive development, and a collegial attitude.

“The merit award scheme is an important measure in our efforts to strengthen the quality of our education”, says Brekke.

Brekke was the first to be awarded this status back in 2018.