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Two-metre distance and more online teaching until 16 April

Update 5 April: The Government has extended the measures until 12 April, and UiA until Friday 16 April. Students should check changes in lectures on Canvas, and employees will continue working from home.

Campus Grimstad (top) and Campus Kristiansand.

University of Agder - Campus Grimstad (top) and Campus Kristiansand

Faculty and department directors can make exceptions.

Here are the Government's coronavirus measures (in Norwegian).

The government tightens the national coronavirus measures as of Thursday 25 March. As a consequence, we must begin keeping a two-metre distance, and teaching will be online. Teaching requiring lab equipment and other physical infrastructure is excepted. More employees must work from home.

The tightened measures are set to be in force until 12 April. However, students and teaching staff should prepare for online teaching even after that time since there is much uncertainty about future developments.

Necessary physical infrastructure

Campus remains open, and students and staff will have access to campus, but the offer of face-to-face lectures once a week will be cancelled.

Teaching requiring laboratories and other physical facilities will continue as before. However, a two-metre distance rule now holds. Where the distance rule cannot be observed, face masks must be worn, and possibly visors too.

Many groups will have to be split into smaller cohorts; course teachers will give more information in Canvas.

Cut in half

The one-metre rule has become a two-metre rule. The government’s new recommendation means that you will now have to observe a two-metre distance to people not in your household.

Where a two-metre distance cannot be observed, face masks must be worn. This also applies to common areas such as hallways and staircases.

Note that the stickers mark 1 metre distance, which means that one marked seat must be free between each person, sideways and across.

The number of people allowed in each room will be half the number on the door. Where it says 10 people, there is now only room for 5. In study group rooms marked 3, only 1 person is allowed.

More people to work from home

The government has decided that employers must ensure that staff work from home wherever  practically possible. This is a rule and not a recommendation.

This means that many of those who have been allowed to work on campus will have to work from home from 25 March. The rule is in place until Sunday 11 April.

Some will be given access to campus: Course teachers who need access to physical infrastructure will be allowed, in addition to technicians and cleaners. The library and UiA Help will be manned, and PhD research fellows who have deadlines to keep may also be allowed access.

Line manager responsible for HSE decides who is allowed to work on campus.


UiA recommends virtual meetings.

Should face-to-face meetings be held, the 2 metre-rule must be observed.

The government has decided that no events will be permitted.