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Three things you can do to ensure a safe and open campus

UiA would like to remind you that private gatherings and parties with more than 20 participants are not allowed according to infection control precaution measures.

Semester start UiA

Semester start Campus Grimstad

“It is up to us to ensure a safe and open autumn semester. If we do not make wise choices now, we risk having to close down the university again”, says rector Sunniva Whittaker.

Students were asked how they experienced the university during the spring semester, when UiA’s doors were closed. Students missed each other and face to face teaching.

“Avoiding an outbreak during semester start is, therefore, extremely important. We do not want to go home and only see each other through a screen again”, says Whittaker.


This is what YOU can do:

  1. Do not attend private parties with more than 20 people or where there is a poor overview of who is present at different times.
  2. Follow the usual infection control preventive measures: keep your distance, wash your hands often and stay home if you feel sick with corona-like symptoms.
  3. Avoid public transportation if possible. Walk or bike to campus.



Semester start Campus Kristiansand

Semester start Campus Kristiansand