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Theses: Requirements for extension of submission deadline

Students who have been significantly hindered in the work on their bachelor’s or master’s thesis due to the coronavirus situation can apply for a submission deadline extension of up to two weeks, but it also has its consequences.

Master theses

UiA’s campuses have been open since the summer of 2020, and we have been able to carry out most of the teaching either online or on campus.

“Nevertheless, there may be students who have had poor conditions for completing their bachelor’s or master’s thesis by the deadline due to the coronavirus situation”, says Vice Rector for Education Morten Brekke.

UiA introduces a temporary regulation that allows for an extended deadline of two weeks due to circumstances related to coronavirus.

If necessary in order to submit

Students who apply for an extension must be able to document or justify why they have been delayed. Caring for children who have not been able to attend nursery or school for long periods of time, long-term illness, or significant difficulties getting access to a supervisor or student group may be good reasons.

The assignment will have to be marked later, and the assessment date may be in the middle of the summer break, which means a further delay until after the summer. Especially in courses with adjusting oral examinations, this will typically mean that the oral exam must be conducted in August. Students with a deadline extension must therefore be prepared for the fact that the diploma will be delayed until after the summer.

If you want to apply for a deadline extension, you should therefore make sure it is absolutely necessary in order to submit the assignment.

Students who need an extension, and can document or justify this with circumstances related to coronavirus, can apply here  (form).

Students need to apply before the assignment deadline. In cases where there are three days or less until deadline, please contact the Exam Office.