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The new University Board has commenced its duties

The University Board has held its first meeting in the new Rector and Board term.

Universitetsstyret samlet i Mandal

The Board convened for a two-day seminar, that concluded with a University Board meeting in Mandal.

The first day was dedicated to providing the members of the Board with an overview of the key aspects of the University's operations, and looking ahead to both the opportunities and challenges the University faces.

Here is the new Board

  • Sunniva Whittaker, Rector and Chair of the Board
  • Professor Gro-Renée Rambø and Associate Professor Ronald Mayora Synnes, elected by permanent staff in teaching and research positions.
  • Adviser Thomas Eikeland Fiskå, elected by technical/administrative staff.
  • PhD Research Fellow Elin Maria Berg, elected by temporary employees in teaching and research positions.
  • Marie Winge Nørvåg and Thor Eivind Forberg, elected by the students.
  • External members include Sigrun Gjerløw Aasland (general manager of ZERO), Geir Bergskaug (CEO of Sparebanken Sør) and Ole Falk Hansen (CEO of Nekkar).

*The Ministry of Education will supplement the Board with an additional external member as an appointed member has resigned. 

Dean appointments

The matters that are most anticipated are the appointments of seven new deans for the period 2024-2027. The deans will serve as the senior leaders of the faculties and the Teacher Education Unit from next year.

Appointments were approved for all seven positions, and the University expects to announce these on uia.no in the coming days.

Other items addressed at the meeting on 13 September 2023 included:

  • The Board appointed representatives to the internal audit committee, a committee responsible for determining the salaries of the Rector and the University Director, and the Equality and Inclusion Committee.
  • Dean Anders Johan Wickstrøm Andersen was appointed as the new head of the Suitability Review Committee at UIA.
  • The Board was briefed on student admissions and student numbers.
  • Meeting dates for 2024 were established:
    • Wednesday 31 January
    • Wednesday 6 – Thursday 7 March (dialogue meeting with the faculties and Board meeting)
    • Wednesday 8 May
    • Wednesday 19 June
    • Tuesday 10 – Wednesday 11 September (Board seminar and Board meeting)
    • Wednesday 16 October
    • Wednesday 20 November

Find the Board documents here (Norwegian only)