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The election has started

Monday at 10:00, the digital election booth at UiA opened, and the rector election has now started.

Sunniva Whittaker and Stephen Seiler, photo
THE CANDIDATES: Sunniva Whittaker and Stephen Seiler are vying for the position of rector at UiA.

"We are hoping that as many people as possible will use their right to vote, of course. A high voter turnout is always good for an election, even our rector election," Anne Elizabeth Stie in the university's Election Committee says.

Employees and students can vote here until Monday, 18 February 14:00!

Utdeling av boller i Vrimlehallen, foto

PLEASANT START: Employees and students were met with freshly baked buns and hot coffee when they arrived at UiA this morning – a pleasant reminder that the election booth for the rector election is now open. Here from Campus Kristiansand

Buns and coffee

The start of the election was marked on both campuses this morning. Both students and employees were met with freshly baked buns and hot coffee.

"This is a nice way of reminding everybody that the election has now started and from today they  can vote for whom they want as their rector starting this autumn," the Election Committee's secretary Elin Gauslaa says. Together with the university's Event support service, she is the initiator of this reminder.

Last week of election campaigning

The opening of the digital election booth also marked the start of the last week of election campaigning for the candidates Sunniva Whittaker and Stephen Seiler. Since before Christmas, they have both participated in meetings and have visited the university's faculties, departments and students to convey what they stand for and how they wish to develop the university in the coming years. The winner of the election will take over after Frank Reichert. Reichert will in August go back to doing academic research work after three and a half years as UiA's rector.

Two open debate meetings today

The candidates will use this day for participating in two large open debate meetings on Campus Grimstad and Campus Kristiansand organised by the labour unions and UiA's students.

Read more about today's open debate meetings here

Debate meeting in English tomorrow

Tomorrow on Tuesday, another open meeting is held on Campus Grimstad. Everyone is welcome to this election meeting in English organised by the university's English-speaking PhD students.

Read more about the debate meeting in English here

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